Ways to Improve Sleep Quality

As you go about making positive changes to your lifestyle to improve your health while making the decision to quit smoking nicotine cigarettes, one thing that is very important that you'll want to make sure you're doing is assessing your sleep quality.

Sleep quality is something that matters considerably when aiming to improve your health and one thing that gets overlooked far too often. If you're not sleeping deeply enough, it won't really matter how much total time you're getting in your bed each night, you still won't be seeing the health promotion benefits you should.

It's sleep quality combined with sleep quantity that matter. So today we're going to go over some quick tips on what you can do to help improve your sleep quality so that you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on your day.

Eat A Dose Of Slow Burning Carbs With Milk Before Bed

The very first thing that you can do to help yourself get a deeper sleep before bed is to have a light snack consisting of some slow digesting carbohydrates and milk. Bran flakes with some skim milk for example works perfect.

The reason for this is because the carbohydrates will prompt a serotonin release in your system, which puts you into a feel good state. Then in addition to that, you'll also get tryptophan from the milk, which tends to have calming effects on the body, easing you into the sleep process.

So by having this light snack, you'll not only prompt a release of substances to help sleep, but in addition to that, you'll also help to assure that you aren't lying in bed awake hungry as well.

Keep TV Out Of The Bedroom

The next thing to consider is taking the TV out of your bedroom if you currently have on there. Keeping a TV in the bedroom is only going to promote restlessness and interfere with sleep.

Ideally the only thing you should be doing in bed is sleeping or being physical intimate with your partner - all other activities, even reading, should be done elsewhere.
This way, you will classically condition your brain to know that when you're lying in your bed, it's time to sleep.

Write In A Stress Journal

If stress is what often keeps you awake at night and is the primary reason you're struggling to get to sleep, you'll definitely want to make use of a good stress journal.
Writing down your thoughts and whatever is bothering you is the best way to assure that you aren't going to ruminate over them over the course of the night.

In addition to this, a stress journal can also be a very productive way to work out an effective solution to those worries as well. Then you can apply that solution the next day when you're awake.

Stress, for most people, is the biggest sleep stealer, so it's time to get control over this.

Take A Hot Bath

Taking a hot bath is the next thing that you'll want to consider if you often have trouble falling asleep in the evening. A hot bath is going to work in two different manners. First, it's going to help you relax, easing stress and worries that you may be feeling.

Second, it's also going to help to raise your body temperature, so then when you move out of the bath and into your cooler bedroom (and you should be sleeping with the temperature down slightly lower), you'll be able to fall into a deeper sleep.

You'll always sleep slightly better when the room is cooler than too warm, so keep that in mind as you adjust your home thermostat.

Avoid Exercise Close To Bed

Exercise can also cause issues getting to sleep at night, so you'll want to make sure that you are not exercising in the few hours before bed as well.

It'll excite your nervous system and make it harder to fall asleep. Try and leave at least four hours or so between that workout and your bed time.

So there you have the top ways to combat sleep problems and reach a deeper sleep state. If you are sure to utilize these, you'll wake up feeling better and more rejuvenated as well.

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