Unhealthy Habits to Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most prominent and delicate phases of a woman's life which brings a lot of responsibilities towards a pregnant lady and her unborn. Whether it is about regular diet or body maintenance, she need to be careful in all aspects and it starts from the day she gets pregnant. There are so many factors that affect the development of a fetus so it is the time when she needs to be more conscious for everything. As the health of your baby is important and you can't take the risk for her health so there are a number of things that need to be considered during pregnancy. In order to ensure the good health of your baby, you must know about the things which you should do and the things which you should not. Below are some activities you should avoid for the sake of your healthy baby.

Avoid Heavy Weight Lifting:

Most of the gynecologists and health specialists suggest not putting heavy weights during pregnancy as it can be harmful for a pregnant lady as well as for fetus. Though, training programs can be beneficial to stay fit during pregnancy, but a pregnant lady should avoid lifting heavy exercising objects. The reason behind this is lifting heavy weights can put pressure on your back as your belly grows and your weight shifts forward, which can weaken blood flow to your brain which in turn can be harmful for your fetus. Generally, your body joints become looser and less stable, so lifting heavy weight can be disadvantageous. Your back becomes more vulnerable to strain in pregnancy so it is advisable to practice safe lifting habits. Instead of bending your back you should bend from the knees keeping your back straight.

Avoid stress:

Stress and tiredness are the common occurrences for many women during pregnancy, but it can be harmful for a pregnant lady. Several gynecologists and specialists say that high levels of stress and anxiety are not only dangerous for a pregnant lady, but it can have a detrimental effect on baby's health as well. In several studies and surveys it has been found that high levels of stress can affect children long after birth and it can also cause several birth defects in newborns. Though, it is natural to face stressful circumstances at this time, but it is best to avoid high stress. A pregnant lady should consider the fact that it is a long journey for her and her baby so she should try living in happy surrounding environment. If you take high stress during pregnancy, it can turn out several changes in your heart rate and blood pressure which in turn can directly affect the heart rate of your baby.

Avoid alcohol:

Alcohol usage is highly prohibited during pregnancy as it can cause liver damage and many other serious health complications in the mother. Your fetus's growth and development can be highly affected because of having alcohol in pregnancy days. Alcohol can pass to your bloodstreams and this blood then passed to the fetus affecting its health. In order to escapes from harmful consequences of wine and beer, you must avoid attending parties and bars. Taking alcohol during pregnancy can also cause various abnormalities and defects in newborns. Since what a pregnant lady takes in food and drink, her baby takes the same so every time a pregnant lady drinks, her baby drinks too that is why it is advisable quitting alcohol in pregnancy days.

Avoid smoking and drugs:

Of course, smoking is at the very top of the list of most harmful things so it also another prohibition that a pregnant lady should consider for a healthier pregnancy. There should not be any kind of relation in these two words pregnancy and smoking as they don't fit in together. Smoking during pregnancy is a direct indication to immense health issues. If a woman smokes during pregnancy, she is directly exposing herself and her unborn child to greater risks. You should know the fact that cigarette contains very harmful nicotine which can be toxic for your fetus. If you an expecting mother and want to stop smoking, then you are doing the best thing to protect the health of your baby.

Along with the above precautions, a pregnant lady should avoid too much exercises and gymnastic activities. Though, it is good to stay physically fit in pregnancy days and most of the health specialists suggest doing yoga and exercises in these days, but excessiveness of every obsession is bad so it is better to avoid heavy exercises and body stretches when you are pregnant. In this way, all these precautions and maintained schedules can lead to happy and healthier pregnancy.

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