Things to Know when Pregnant for the First Time

Pregnancy is one of the most important phases of a woman’s life. A woman’s body goes through many changes, and hence, it is very important to take care of one’s self. First-time moms often find themselves facing situations that they have never faced before, so it is best that one is always prepared.

You can check online and find out the name of the top gynecologists or consult someone whom you have already been visiting. To help you out a little for your first time around, here are a few points that one should always keep in mind during their pregnancy:

  • One of the foremost things that you need to do is stay healthy. You have to eat right and maintain your diet. It is not advisable to gorge on junk food even if you have the craving. Talk to you doctor or dietician and fix up and healthy diet that is best for you as well as your baby. You will have to make a few lifestyle changes as well. If you have the habit of smoking or drinking, then you will have to stop it immediately.
  • If you have the habit of going for a walk or run in the morning or evening, it is best not to make changes in this routine. First talk to your doctor and take advice as to what exercises can you safely practice that will help the baby’s all over well-being. However, it is best to avoid heavy exercises since they can end up hurting the little one inside you or even you. Regular exercise is something that you will need to keep you and your baby healthy. All you have to do is ask the doctor and fix up an exercise routine.


  • It is during the first few months of the pregnancy that the spinal cord, brain and neural cord of the baby develops. Iron, calcium and folic acid are very essential during this period. You can opt for pre-natal vitamins since they have been found to be very useful. It might give you a queasy feeling and if it does then you can try having a candy afterwards.
  • It is very important that you stick to the regular appointments to your OB/GYN. You can choose any one you trust from all the gynecologist in Mumbai.You never know what complication might develop in which stage and hence you cannot afford to take the risk. Regular checkups will also help the doctor to understand the progression of your pregnancy and deal with the problems as they come.
  • You have to understand what is normal during your pregnancy and what is not. The first three months is extremely crucial and you have to maintain ultimate caution with your eating habits and movement. Morning sickness is very common and its stays for about 12weeks or so and then it is supposed to go away. However, if it does not and you experience severe nausea or vomiting then it is time to pay a visit to your doctor. However, it is nothing measure and can be treated with a mild dose of medication or even acupuncture, but you have to visit the doctor!
  • Another thing that will really help you out and prepare you for your pregnancy is if you can talk about it to your mother and grandmother. More often than not, pregnancy, as well as the menstrual cycle, follow from your mother side, and if you talk to women from the same lineage, you will certainly get hold of some really useful tips.

These are 6 very important points that you should follow throughout your pregnancy. Any problems or hunches you have, immediately call up the doctor. It is very important to try and keep stress away and eat healthy during your pregnancy for your baby’s health.


If you have any questions, please ask below!