The Positive Effects of Using Medicinal Marijuana to Treat Anxiety

medical-marijuanaWith more states legalizing medical marijuana, there are a variety of conditions that would qualify for the "card". Aside from chronic pain, there are several psychological disorders that also may react positively to chemicals in marijuana. Psychological disorders, particularly those that are chronic, limit the ability for sufferers to participate in their lives. Those who suffer from anxiety in its many forms can find this condition to be debilitating, both before and after treatment. There are some studies that are showing some strains of cannabis having a positive effect on the symptoms of anxiety. For those who suffer daily with anxiety, marijuana may provide some relief.

For centuries, marijuana has been used as a medical treatment - Archeologists and historians have found that marijuana was used as a medical treatment, a pain reliever, and a means of spiritual expansion. In the years before it's classification as an illegal drug, it was found to be an effective treatment for a variety of conditions from asthma to chronic pain. However, because of the recreational use of marijuana, there has been little research into its use as a legitimate medical treatment until recently. As many states have recently passed laws legalizing its use as a medication, marijuana is receiving more attention as a potential treatment for several illnesses and disorders. It also has been found to be an effective treatment for the side effects of chemical therapies for cancer and AIDS.

Marijuana is a natural relaxant. - The chemical compound CBD, cannabinoids, found in marijuana has been shown in some studies to lower anxiety levels. One of the well-known effects of marijuana is that it makes a person more relaxed and creates a sense of calm within them. Opponents to the use of medical marijuana will say that the feelings of well-being created by marijuana are temporary and don't really address the root problem. However, for the anxiety sufferer in the throes of an anxiety attack, the feeling of well-being and the relaxation achieved from marijuana can help them get through an attack. Many people also feel that a natural substance such as marijuana is better for them than introducing synthetic chemicals into the body.

While American research has been slow due to government regulations, some foreign agencies have found a positive relationship between marijuana use and lower anxiety levels - In many countries, medical use of marijuana is already an accepted treatment for certain illnesses, disorders, or conditions. Several research facilities have found that strains of marijuana that are high in CBD will lower anxiety levels and do not cause more anxiety in many patients. Anxiety and depression are two psychological disorders that show a positive response to the introduction of marijuana into a treatment plan. While more research is required to establish a fully-proven positive relationship, many researchers and physicians are finding that their patients are receiving some relief from their symptoms by taking marijuana in addition to their other therapies.

Marijuana doesn't introduce serotonin stimulants, opiates, or sleeping pills into the body - Anxiety causes a variety of conditions for the sufferer from sleeplessness to weigh loss to depression. When an anxiety patient is given medication for their issues, they run the very real risk of becoming caught in a loop of ever-increasing dosages of antidepressants, opiates, and sleeping pills. As the body builds a tolerance to the medication levels, you need to take more to get the same effect. Many anxiety medications also pose the risk of addiction, both psychological and physical. While many of these medicines help anxiety suffers, they also can cause significant side effects as well as other conditions such as those related to serotonin poisoning.

With proper medical supervision and support, marijuana can make people more responsive to cognitive therapy - Cognitive therapy, or talking therapy, has been found to be very beneficial for helping anxiety sufferers manage their symptoms and disorder. One of the major issues many anxiety sufferers have in regard to cognitive therapy is that sessions themselves actually cause anxiety to the point that the patient is unable to reap the benefits of the therapy. Instead of being able to get to the root of their anxiety issues, patients become reliant on medication and are not able to progress in their therapy. By adding marijuana therapy to cognitive behavioral therapy, some patients have found that they are able to relax and more fully participate in the talking part of their total care.

Anxiety causes many people to suffer daily with feelings of unease and panic. While going through treatment, many sufferers simply want something that will help with the symptoms until their therapy begins to help. Many anxiety patients find relief through the use of medical marijuana instead of beginning a course of antidepressant and antianxiety medications. While it may not work for everyone in every situation, marijuana has been shown to help patients relax and manage their symptoms faster
than through the use of synthetic medications that may cause more side effects.

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