The Negative Effects of Stress

stressed womanThese days stress easily percolates into our lives due to a myriad of reasons. Hectic lifestyles are often considered as the culprit for causing stress. A lot of people remain unaware about the adverse effects that stress on health. Issues related to stress often get sidelined as people are too busy focusing on their professional and personal lives. Even though modern life can get quite stressful with innumerable work commitment and paucity of time, but focus on health should never take a back seat. Here is a list of health conditions that can come into the fore when a person endures excessive amount of stress in his life.

Back Pain

Most of the times people feel that back arises due to lack of physical exercises or certain kind of physical strain but stress can also be one of the reasons for back pain. A lot of health problems can arise if back pain persists for a very long period of time.

Decrease In Immunity

When the body experiences a lot of stress, then it has a direct effect on immunity system. Stress tends to hamper the immunity system by slowing it down. With the slackened pace of the immune system, many diseases can start to occur.

Heart Diseases

Stress can stem from various situations such as pressure at the workplace, problems in personal life, etc. It has been seen that some of the major reasons for contracting heart diseases is the presence of stress in life. Symptoms like excessive sweating, palpitations, etc are some of signs of heart ailments, and these should be addressed at the right time.


Headaches are often ignored if they are mild in nature. But one should seek proper treatment if they experience regular bouts of headache, as it will have an invariable effect on your health and behavioral pattern. When a person gets subjected to stress regularly, then headaches might occur. Headaches are one of the most common signs that can indicate the ill effects of stress on our health.

Chest Pain

Chest pains can arise when a person deals with extreme stress in his life. If the chest pains become regular in nature then it can lead to several forms of heart diseases.

High Blood Pressure

Stress has been known to cause conditions like high blood pressure. Numerous health problems can appear if a person has high blood pressure. Therefore stress can bring in a lot of diseases in your life, if proper care of health is not taken on time.

Disturbed Sleep Pattern

People undergoing stress, often find it difficult to fall asleep, or they have a disturbed sleep pattern. Insomnia can also result from excessive stress and these problems need to be taken care in order to avoid health and behavioral problems. Stress level needs to be controlled for leading a healthy life away from the clutches of discomfort caused by various diseases. There are many perils of stress, and one needs to manage their stress levels of properly. Health should not be jeopardized with stress and hence adequate measures need to be taken to reduce stress.

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