The Hormonal Effects of Testosterone on Men’s Sexual Health

shutterstock_77177518The male hormone-testosterone is mainly produced by the testicles. This hormone helps in the physical as well as mental development and also increases immunity for fighting certain illnesses. It is also an important part of your libido. You should know how to maintain the proper balance of your hormones.

Male Hormones And Their Development

The male sex hormones are also known as androgens. They play an important role in the physical development of men. The sexual functions such as fertility depend on these hormones. The two types of androgens are testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. These testosterone increases the sex drive in men. Androgens called steroid hormones, flow from the testes and influence male patterns of behavior. The secretion of testosterone starts just after puberty. It helps to determine the sex of the fetus. The secretion of testosterone remains consistent during the adult life of a male.

Things To Know About The Male Orgasm

Male orgasm is the sensation that they feel in their penis. It is quite different from a woman orgasm.

  • A small percentage of males experience dry orgasms. This is a true fact that a man is capable of reaching an orgasm without ejaculating the seminal fluid.
  • Orgasms don't last for 10 minutes. The typical male orgasm lasts not more than 5 to 22 seconds.
  • It is not women alone who fake orgasms, men too fake orgasms. It is estimated that 30% young adult men fake orgasms at one time or the other. Sometimes men enjoy the sexual activity but it does not result in an orgasm.
  • Many males take time to recharge after an orgasm. The amount of time varies between men. Some males are not able to reach another orgasm from minutes or hours or most probably a day. For men who are young the time is much shorter.
  • They can be multiorgasmic. Some men can experience multiple orgasms in the course of the same sexual encounter but this is not common. But the main point you should remember that a sexual activity is enjoyable in just one satisfying orgasm or even if it doesn't happen.
  • It is estimated that several men release fourteen gallons of ejaculate in their lifetime.

How Male Hormones Affect Sexual Life

Male hormones are closely linked with his sexuality. Men circulate the same hormones in their blood like women. The secretion of hormones differs both in concentration as well as in pattern in males as compared to females. However, men are stronger than women. The levels of estrogen are less in men but the androgen levels are twenty to forty times higher. Many factors influence the androgen levels such as age, season, stress, sexual behavior and habit of smoking.

Steps To Improve Sex Hormones-Details

Low testosterone leads to many sexual problems. Before getting any complication you should try to maintain the balance of the hormones.

  • Consult your health expert - You should consult a sexual health expert. He will suggest you to go through a hormone test to determine the amount of testosterone in the body. This test will help you to know the exact amount of hormones as a deficiency of testosterone can cause various illnesses. The test will also help you to know if your sexual organs are performing well or not.
  • Exercise - Get engaged in a proper exercise schedule, it will enhance the production of testosterone. Make sure that it lasts for 45 to 60 minutes daily. A good exercise stimulates the pituitary gland to produce increased testosterone.
  • Apt Diet - Take a good balanced diet. Diet rich in proteins helps to increase the production of male sexual hormones. Take a low carb and essential fats diet. Avoid eating sugars because they reduce the production of testosterone in your body. Veggies, lean meat, chicken should be consumed a lot.
  • Supplements - Take a supplement that will increase the production of testosterone in your body. The powerful ingredients in the supplement will help you to maintain the proper balance. Make sure that it is safe to use and does not contain any fillers.


It's important to keep the level of hormones in tune. Reduce the consumption of sugar and take a proper diet as mentioned above. It is better if you consult a doctor for proper guidance about the supplement that you are using.

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