Yoga Equipment: What to Buy?

Considering getting into a yoga practice? Don’t rush to grab every yoga equipment piece you can find on the market. Maybe everything you need is just a yoga mat and a new pair of yoga pants.

Whenever someone decides to go in for sports or to start practising yoga, he/she immediately becomes crazy about the equipment needed for this. All of us have this feeling of buying everything new, expensive, and unnecessary the moment we decide to visit a gym or to starts workout at home. But not all of that stuff is important in order to practice efficiently, especially when we’re talking about yoga. That’s why we’ve decided to help those people, who only begin their yoga journey. We’ve prepared a list of 5 tools, which will be very helpful for any beginner yogi.

So, let’s have a quick run through five essential tools to enhance your yoga sessions.

Five Basic Yoga Tools

No matter which activity you’re committed to, or which type of yoga is your favorite one, having the right equipment can really make a huge difference in how you enjoy and succeed in your yoga practice. If you practice at home without a professional coach, it is important to make sure that you do everything correctly and are fully aware of the tools, which can facilitate your progress faster. And don’t forget to check buddha bracelet color meaning review if you’ve already got a yoga bracelet but don’t know how to use it correctly.

All of the tools we’re going to talk about can be easily found online or in the biggest department stores in your city. So, these are five essential tools, which you might need for a basic practice.

  1. Mat. It is the most obvious and standard tool anyone who wants to practice needs to have. If you’re planning to do yoga longer than a couple of months or even a year, you can invest in 2-3 mats. Everything depends on what yoga you’re going to do, where you’re going to train, and how often. For a beginner, who is completely new to asanas, one qualitative mat is absolutely enough;
  2. Yoga belt. Yoga belt looks almost the same as your regular belt, which is used to hold the pants except the fact that it is much longer than a regular one. Usually, they come with a plastic or a metal buckle. Yoga belts are used to help to stretch the hamstrings and open up the shoulders;
  3. Yoga blocks. A set of good blocks makes a huge difference for your back and flexibility in general, when you start doing yoga for the first time in your life. The blocks are made of foam and used as supportive elements to keep stable and balanced during a class. You can also find blocks made of cork or wood on the market. But as a beginner you are recommended to choose the simplest foam model;
  4. Yoga bolster. If you consider practising restorative yoga, this tool is an essential one. You can use a yoga bolster in so many ways in your own restorative practices. It definitely brings a restorative practice to a new, better level.Your back and legs will only benefit from it as well as your lungs due to the ability to breathe fully in different poses;
  5. And the last but not the least is a yoga wheel. This tool is recommended for more advanced yogis or for those who are planning to practice regularly. This is one of the most modern tools when it comes to gym equipment in general. A wheel has gained its popularity only a year or two ago when users massively began to post pictures of practices with a wheel on Facebook and Instagram. Usually, beginners don’t understand how to use a wheel properly to get the most out of it. So, we recommend checking yoga videos, which explain how this tool works before getting one for yourself. To make a long story short, a yoga wheel is used under your back or by placing your feet on it, which has the effect of working through the shoulders.

That’s all for 5 essential tools, which you might use the most while having a yoga class. There are many more tools out there. But as we have already mentioned above, don’t rush to buy them if you haven’t had at least 5-6 yoga classes yet. After doing yoga for a while, you’ll have a better vision of what else you really need to buy

If you have any questions, please ask below!