How To Prepare For The First Yoga Class

efeWhen you first go to a yoga class it is normal to feel nervous and believe that you have no idea what you are doing. Fortunately, there are not many things you have to actually remember. The first yoga class is the one that is going to drastically affect whether or not you enjoy the entire experience. You want it to be as good as possible. If you want to properly prepare for that first yoga class, here is what you should think about as the most important things.

What Should You Wear?

The attire you have needs to be comfortable and close-fitting. This does not necessarily mean you have to go for designer yoga shop purchases, although it is always a good idea if you can afford it. You need fitted clothes so that instructors can offer corrections as they observe form and you can find it easier to stay in the necessary poses. Based on temperature it is sometimes a good idea to wear easy to remove layers. Tank tops or t-shirts with long sleeves paired with capri-length pants designed for athletic activities are usually a very good idea. If you are not comfortable being barefoot, buy yoga socks.

What Should You Bring?

You basically need a good yoga mat and a water bottle. If you are not ready to put money into equipment, see if there are mats that you can rent or borrow. Do not focus on other equipment since it is basically just the mat that is absolutely necessary. Also, most studios do offer the equipment needed for the routine that is to be needed in the practice. Obviously, you will need to talk with the instructor first in order to see exactly what is offered. There are different studios where specific rules are in place so do respect them.

What Should You Expect?

Such a question is very hard to answer in many cases since classes are going to greatly vary from one studio to the next and from one instructor to the other. Generally speaking, classes start slow with guided meditation and/or gentle stretches. The end is often the Corpse Pose since it offers complete relaxation. You may also be required to thank for the session with saying Namaste at the end. While differences are present, the beginner yoga classes are normally easy. You will not be taken through something that is way too complex.

Yoga Class Etiquette

There are different etiquette rules that have to be respected, usually varying based on studio and instructor. However, those that are normally constant are the following constants:

  • Remove shoes as you enter. There are normally shoe repositories or special areas for that. In the event you are not comfortable doing yoga barefoot use a pair of good yoga socks.
  • Take the water bottle with you and sip when you need to. However, ask first as there are cases in which water is not allowed.
  • Close the cell phone since a huge part of yoga is creating a really calming ambiance. Any ringtone would destroy concentration. The same thing goes for practically everything that would make any noise while the yoga session happens.
  • Try to arrive early so you can introduce yourself and talk to the instructor. Tell him/her it is the first class so extra guidance can be offered if needed.
  • Do not use strong perfume since if everyone does that the result would be overwhelming.
  • Use the studio restroom before the class so you can avoid possible interruptions during the sessions. If you absolutely need to excuse yourself as the class is going on, try to do it as quiet as possible.
  • Always respect savasana. There are situations in which you need to leave early. If this is the case do it before the corpse pose. If this is not the case the other students will not reap the benefits of this important part of the routine.

If you have any questions, please ask below!