Four Non-Physical Benefits of Yoga

female-1300399_1280Working out is all about getting in shape. With most exercises, it’s about getting in physical shape. But that’s not the case with Yoga. Although every workout routine has this or that additional benefit that’s non-physical, Yoga is exclusively more tilted towards non-physical benefits as compared to any other form of exercise. Here are just four of the amazing ones that come with it:

  1. Yoga’s Relationship With Your Attitude:

The deal with Yoga is that it gives you inner peace. A lot of it. And the deal with inner peace is that it brings a sense of satisfaction. No matter how good or bad your business is going, having a little sense of satisfaction anyway is what’s going to make you feel in control. And the deal with feeling in control is that it makes you feel powerful, so you don’t really feel the need to assert that you are in control. That makes you humble, because you just sort of know that you’re okay, that you don’t need to prove you are okay. Yoga also separates important things from the unimportant, the real from the delusional. That’s the attitude you need to focus on the right things in life and be successful.

  1. Yoga’s Relationship With Your Problem-Solving Skills:

When you’re solving complex problems all day long- managing your clients, husband, parents and kids- a break is exactly what you need. Quite often, things get so clogged up in your mind that you just can’t figure out how to fix something. It’s like standing in front of a wall. When that happens, taking a step back helps. Doing Yoga is like taking a step back. When you do that, you gain a fresh perspective on things by looking at the bigger picture.

  1. Yoga’s Relationship With You:

You need to talk to yourself. You need to scold yourself, pat yourself, and have a heart-to-heart interaction with yourself. Yoga can help you get into your own mind and be able to connect with your inner self. Increased awareness of self and better connection with the real person that you are is going to drastically change the way you do things in life, especially the way you make important decisions. With Yoga, you get to know yourself better by being able to read your thoughts and emotions more clearly, and that leads to making better decisions for yourself in life.

  1. Yoga’s Relationship With Your Patience Level:

Wait, what? What does Yoga have to do with being patient? You see, no matter who you are, be it a hugely successful businessman or a single mom with two jobs, Yoga comforts you. It makes you take time out of your busy routine in a disciplined manner. When you do that, you start becoming patient. Impatience is about doing things impulsively. Doing something regularly, in a planned fashion makes you patient. Yoga gives you comfort for a brief bit of time, and in that bit you realize that you’re stronger than your problems, and that if you persevere, you will overcome them, which makes you patient.

So if you spare a few minutes daily for Yoga, they’ll be well-spent. They’ll give you an attitude and problem-solving skills worth a million bucks. How? Through more patience and insight into your own personality. In short, it sets in motion a cycle of non-physical benefits where each part contributes to build a more refined, complete personality, letting you deal with the old intractable problems with a fresh outlook.

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