The Very First Steps in Skateboarding

skateboardingSkateboarding is one of those misleading hobbies that looks effortless and fun to the spectator, but actually require a lot of hard work and self-motivation in order to become skilled in the first place. That being said, it can feel like an intimidating hobby to get into because of its reliance on the skater being mostly self-taught. However, with a little motivation the rewards will be worth the effort. In order to get into the mind-set of an aspiring skater, feeling like you are dressed the part is just half the battle to reaching your goals.

In order to get into the mentality of a skateboarder, you will need to don the armour. To nail those fluid jumps and cushion the falls you’ll want to opt for comfy and looser clothing that won’t restrict your movements.

While there are plenty of brands that have created the most stylish looking shoes that will provide all the grip and fit that a skater requires, but you won’t get any better in terms of cost and quality than DC Shoes. Of course, whilst quality footwear is a necessity, being casual and not trying too hard is an important part of the skater image so don’t try and splash the cash on all those skater branded clothes whilst you still have the rookie rank.

Get Rolling On The Research Before You Roll On A Board

At the beginning of your skating career, try to get to know the history and key figures in skateboarding. Develop more of a respect for the hobby, and even create some attachments to particular individuals who are well known in the skateboarding world. Not only will you feel more like you belong in the culture, but some good old-fashioned hero worship will be perfect for giving you that extra motivation to become like the skater you aspire to be.

In order to get the basics mastered and advance into learning tricks, you’ll need the perfect place to practice. Not all neighborhoods are blessed with proper skating parks, but you will still have plenty of options available to you. At first you’ll simply need a flat surface and for that your own street or driveway has everything you need. As you advance, more spacious areas like vacant car parks or even your local park are perfect for honing your talents.

Make Sure You Get The Correct Board For Your Skating Adventure

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to skater gear, but with so many different types and styles of boards you might feel a little bit put off due to the sheer amount of decisions you will have to make before you start skating. Firstly, you’ll need to have a sound idea of what area of skating you want to pursue; for instance, if you’re charmed by skateboard tricks then you’ll want a skateboard that is concaved at the top, as flatter boards are nearly impossible to land tricks on. You’ll also need quality skateboard trucks, decks and wheels. You can find reviews on all those

At the early stages of your skateboarding life you’ll want to opt for a cheaper board until you are comfortable and more skilled in knowing what you’re looking for. Simply check the wheels are even and roll easily and that’s all there is to it for your first board.

Now that you’re kitted up, you’re ready to pursue this cool and globally respected hobby. There are plenty of guides and walkthroughs available on the web for you to take instruction from, but the first stage is stepping out of your comfort zone and onto the board.

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