Choosing Your Golf Club and Suitable Equipment

GolfingWhen planning a trip to the golf course to hit a few rounds, it is important to bring the right equipment. Not only do you have to choose between women’s or men’s golf shirts, and which pants or shorts you should wear, but you also need clubs and balls to actually play the game. Here you will find the ultimate guide for all of your golf equipment needs, from what you should bring, to what type of club you should choose.

The Basic Equipment

If golfing is your favorite hobby, you need to learn all the basic equipment you need. These types of equipment will ensure you have a pleasant time on the course. You can also add some exciting accessories to enhance your golfing experience. By now, you must be aware that golf products are expensive and can be overwhelming. To help you make informed decisions, the guides onThe Left Rough will boost your golf journey. For many people, it is easier for them to know what they need to bring when they have a list. These items are essential for any golfing trip:

    • Clothing (polo shirts for men and women, khakis shorts or pants, hat, shoes, and belt)
    • Clubs and bag
    • Balls
    • Golf Cart

This simple list will help you get started when you begin collecting all of your equipment to “hit the links” as they say. Although there are some basic guidelines to dressing appropriately, your style is ultimately up to you. You will also want to research different types of clubs to see which one would fit you, or bring a variety.

Choosing Your Golf Club

Choosing the type of club you need may seem overwhelming, but once you know the purpose for each one, you can decide what you need. In many cases, it is a good idea to carry several different types of clubs while you play. Here is a basic list of the different types:

Each one of these clubs has a different purpose during golf. Each one has a shaft, grip, and club head. If you want to hit long-distance fairway, or get a tee shot, woods are going to be your best option. This club can give you the distance you need to make it towards the intended hole. Their speed comes from the large club head and longer shaft. The largest wood is called a driver. Irons are one of the most versatile clubs because they can handle a variety of shots. They have a flat angled face that is solid metal, and they have a shorter shaft. A wedge is a subcategory of irons, and is used at short distances for high-altitude and high-accuracy shots. The hybrid is a mix between the wood and iron club. It can get a long distance, while still maintaining a familiar swing. A putter is designed to roll the ball a short distance along the grass. Usually this club is used when you only need a few more feet or inches to the cup. Chippers are a more recent find in a golfer’s bag. It is similar to the putter, but can be used to lift a ball out of a difficult spot, such as high grass or rough patches. It then acts like a putter along the grass.

When playing golf, it is important to have all of the right equipment so that you can play your best game. Make sure you choose a comfortable outfit, and purchase the correct clubs and balls for your needs. Don’t forget to grab a golfing bag to store all of your equipment, and get a golf cart to get you and your buddies from one hole to the next.

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