The Health Benefits of Golfing

golfWhile the desire to live a healthier and more active lifestyle is something that enthuses us all from time to time, there are numerous ways through which this can be achieved. This wealth of options and conflicting data often causes us to over complicate the process, however, as we look to combine fad diets with a complex exercise regime and various supplementary vitamins.

The issue with fad diets and changing goals is that they trigger cyclical trends in weight loss an weight gain, while overly contrived exercise regimes also cause you to lose motivation over time. Instead, the key to initial weight loss and long term well being lies in adopting a consistent approach to eating and exercise, while cultivating a healthy lifestyle that is ultimately sustainable.

The Links Between Golf and Healthy Living

Exercise is particularly important, as this helps to maintain everything from physical fitness to the performance of core muscle groups, The issue, of course, is that not everyone is blessed with tremendous speed or athleticism, and less capable individuals can find high intensity cardio-vascular exercises both ineffective and demoralising over time. This does not mean that you cannot find a level of activity to suit your needs, however, as even gentle forms of exercise can support weight loss and greater fitness if practiced regularly.

Take golf, for example, which is an outdoor sport that allows participants to sample fresh air while walking extensively across a vast course. With various slopes and gradients depending on the exact layout of the course in question, golfers have the opportunity to walk briskly in between shots and exercise key muscle groups in the lower body. In addition to this, the typical golf swing also demands natural balance and upper body strength, and if regularly practiced it can help to develop your core fitness levels.

The Key Health Benefits of Golfing

So with this in mind, what are the key health benefits of golfing that should not be ignored? Consider the following options: –

Gentle Exercise and Continuous Motion: While jogging for 20 minutes may be a high intensity activity that burns calories quickly, walking briskly throughout the day and engaging in continuous motion will have a cumulative effect on your body. Walking across 18 holes and countless of acres of land will both build muscles and increase stamina, while your swing will also burn a surprising number of calories throughout the course of a single game.

Flexibility and the Capacity to Work Core Muscle Groups: Golf is a multi-faceted and diverse sport, and as a participant you can tailor your experience to access various forms and levels of exercise. Just as those looking to lose weight can walk across the entire course and carry their own clubs, for example, individuals who are infirm can use a motorized cart when necessary to enjoy a more relaxed level of physical activity. Golf can also allow you to work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, as both the lower and upper body benefit from various aspects of match play.

The Link Between Physical and Mental Health: The link between physical and mental well being is well known, and golf is a sport that allows you to benefit on both counts. In terms of the latter, there is an opportunity to enjoy gentle exercise in the open air and luxurious surroundings, with stimulates greater mental performance. In addition to this, the competitive element of the game also encourages you to challenge yourself, which enhances your overall experience and drives you to greater levels of effort and application.

The Last Word

In the quest to lose weight and get fit, consistency remains key to achieving your ultimate goals. Light exercise that can be undertaken regularly is crucial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and the sport of golf provides a relevant and accessible example. Regardless of your age or level of natural athleticism, golf is a past time that can be tailored to suit your individual fitness needs.

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