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The Best Sports to Enjoy in Cruise Ships

Cruise Ship TennisAre you a sport enthusiast? Are you worried about lack of sport activities during your onboard travel on cruise ship? Well! If you think so, then you're wrong. The modern cruise ships offer plenty of sports activities especially for the sport lovers. With a wide range of activities, cruise ships will never give you an opportunity to complain about missing out on your much-loved sports.

The sports activities mostly occupy the upper deck of the cruise ships with a great view of ocean. Most importantly, most of the activities are in the price you pay for the cruise. Besides the professional players enjoying varieties of adventurous sports, there are certified instructors and trainers to assist and train the new players. If you're one of them who is enthusiastic about learning or exploring different sports on cruise ship you've landed on the right page.

Explore and enjoy the following top sports on cruise ships


Yes, you heard it right! Golf at sea. Now a days, a series of modern cruise ships can make you feel right there at the golf field. All thanks to Royal Caribbean who introduced golf for its lovers on the cruise ships. You will definitely end up saying ‘What an experience!' Playing your favourite sport surrounded by the ocean is a once in a lifetime experience. Using real balls, plastic grass, video screen and simulators gives you the feeling of a real golfer hitting the right target.

Ice skating

Most of you must be thinking that why can't the cruise liners come up with ice skating on the top deck of the cruise ship? Your wish is certainly been fulfilled by Royal Caribbean who first debuted the ice rink at sea during the launch of Voyager in 1999. You and your family can now enjoy triple axels on several of the cruise line's ship. The rinks are typically open during the day and also host amazing shows featuring experienced skaters at night. Whether you're an expert skater or never tried skating before, you'll be always be guided by a professional skater.


Volleyball guarantees fun if played in the sun with a group of friends and family. It's a perfect combination of fun and competition in your holiday mood. The deck of the ship is an ideal place to play volleyball, popularly known as bossball. Inflatable platforms along with a trampoline on both side of the net allow players to leap up and point the ball back in a state of competitive altitude.

Table tennis

You will always find a ping pong champion somewhere across the world. This fun game has gradually become very competitive and tests both your skills and patience. Batting a small white ball over a tennis net, and running around a giant table top court on the deck is fun to play and watch. You will find ping pong table in Celebrity Cruises, Disney Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean Cruises.


No longer will you miss the super fun bowling alley at sea. The Norwegian Pearl has something different to offer you. It was the first cruise ship to propose bowling for its passengers. You can enjoy the sport along with your favourite drink and dance floor. The majority of the liners has several bowling lanes inside the lounge. Each of the lanes are completely automated. You'll find a giant screen that displays whose turn it is to bowl and keeps score. You have variety of bowling balls to choose from in an array of different sizes and colors. Bowling on a ship is more interesting than bowling on land. A slight movement of the ship can redirect your goal and send your ball towards the middle of the lane.

Rock climbing

High above the sea level and above the deck, rock climbing wall in most of the cruise ships offer an incredible view and is one of the most popular onboard activities for both the adults and kids. Once again the credit goes to Royal Caribbean cruise ships. They are the only ones in the world to offer walls for rock climbing. Whether you're a novice or an experienced climber, there are challenges for different levels of experience. The liner will offer all the necessary equipment require including helmets, shoes and harnesses. For the champions, there are advanced speed-climbing competition and climbing sessions, and for the teens there are teen tournaments.

So here you have all of your favourite sports packed right there with you during your cruise holidays.

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