The Advantages of Muay Thai for Women

Muay ThaiIf you ladies are looking for a good regimen to base your workout on, why not try doing Muay Thai? This martial art that originated from Thailand will surely get your whole body burning and get you fit and alert in your day-to-day activities. Don't be intimidated by its intense physical exercises. Nowadays, people don't just practice Muay Thai for fighting in the ring; this particular sport has gained popularity as a great fitness workout not just for men, but for women as well. It is now being practiced all over the world.

There are many benefits to doing Muay Thai. You don't just get a great body, you'll get a more fit one as well. Want to know more about its great benefits? The following are just some of them:

Strengthened Muscles and Enhanced Cardiovascular Health

Muay Thai utilizes all the points of contact from your feet, knees, elbows and fists. There is also a certain amount of grappling they call a cinch involved. This manoeuvre is used to hold an opponent for close contact knee and elbow attacks. The key too Muay Thai's intense physicality is all on the fast and snappy swinging of your hips and limbs during strikes.

Unlike Boxing where most of the swinging involves only the arms, Muay Thai involves the feet and knees as well. It is indeed a full body workout. The constant exposure of your entire body to strains will eventually make your muscles stronger. Another very important benefit of Muay Thai is an enhanced cardiovascular state. Because of the intensity of the workouts, the heart and all blood vessels, get to work overtime. This leads to improved cardiovascular strength. You are less prone to heart ailments.

Increased Coordination and Improved Speed and Stamina

Since Muay Thai involves the use of both hands and feet in rapid consecutive strikes, body coordination is vital. Through this sport, you will develop precisely that. Eventually, not just in the gym during your workouts, but during your daily regular activities as well, you will notice a more agile body with good posture, quick to respond, and less prone to physical clumsiness. You will also notice an improved stamina in doing any of your myriad daily tasks.

Toned Muscles

It's always been a goal and reason why people, particularly women, do work outs - they want to get a leaner and more shaped and sculpted bodies. Through Muay Thai, you'll get just that. Because it's a total body workout, every part of your body is being stretched and pulled. You don't need any other gym equipment, just your hands and feet swinging around is enough. You'll lose the flabby physique and get a toner body sooner than later.

You'll also get a healthier and glowing looking skin complexion. This is because the profuse sweat that this workout produces brings out with them the toxins inside the body. Leaving you with a healthier blood stream manifested in your great skin.



It is a necessity in women nowadays to know at least the basics of self-defense. With Muay Thai, you get two main benefits, a healthier and fitter body, and the capacity to defend yourself in dangerous situations.

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