Tai Chi Enhances Your Immune Function

tai-chiIf you are interested in knowing more about Tai Chi and its benefits, then you are in luck for we will introduce one of the best benefits of this healthy practice. There are of course tons of benefits, but knowing this will certainly spark your interest. Tai Chi doe enhances your immune function.

What is the meaning of immune function?

For those who have no idea of how our immunity help our body, then you should know that it is one of the main defense of the body against sickness and other injuries. It is automatic that is why most of us don't know if it is working or not. But the truth is, the moment when you thought you will be sick because you had colds, but you just found out the next day that it's gone, then that is your immune system working.

Now let's bring in Tai Chi. How can a physical practice improve your immune function?

Well, of course, let's first introduce science. Practicing Tai Chi has been actually scientifically proven to improve the immune system. It works this way: during the tai chi workout, there is a good flow of energy that focuses on improving the mind as well as the conditions of the body. This may seem not so scientific, but there is a scientific reason behind. Experts have found out that the slow, gliding movements and controlled breathing combine a powerful force against toxins and disease. This means that the practice of Tai Chi does aid immune system and its function. This means that it bolsters the lymphatic system (another name for the immune system) and provides the body natural defense against most disease like colds, flus, and even autoimmune diseases.


Research also backed this claim by testing a group of experienced Tai Chi practitioners. Research shows that the tested group actually had boosted regulatory actions of T-cells. These T-cells or white cells are instrumental in fighting against cold and flu infections. This helps the body combat chronic disease as well like diabetes.

With the improvement of T-cell function, it is also able to alter the immune response of people type-2 diabetes. This means it improves the control of blood glucose levels. The regulation of sugar overall helps in the improvement of vitality and mental health, especially with those having diabetes. Tai Chi is perfect for people having dominant disease or in born ones.

Research also shows that it has an effect on vaccines as well. One study led to a good comparison on how the practice increased the immunity and the efficacy of the influenza vaccine. With consistent practice of the martial art and meditation, they are able to enhance their immunity two times more than just the usual.

This only make sense why indivudals with compromised immune systems are encouraged to have Tai Chi.

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