Swimming Tips For Beginners

Swimming is one of the activities you can get involved with. It is fun and exciting to hit the pool with friends and family, but it is important that you know how to swim. This post on swimming tips will help you enjoy your time in the pool, even if it is your first time.

Get rid of fear

One of the challenges people face with getting into the pool if phobia for water. I have asked many people and overheard some stay away from the pool because they are afraid of water and never want to get drown.
I was once in the clique of people that will never get into the pool, and I have no other reason than the fact that I’m afraid of getting into the pool. I never have any reason to go near the pool, especially with the news of people that have lost their lives as a result of drowning.
Everything all changed the moment I was able to overcome the fear of getting drown. I got to understand that the very first secret to knowing how to swim is to get into the pool often, and you have to overcome your phobia for water to achieve that.

Get the necessary swim gears

Before you head straight to register in any swimming center to learn how to swim, you must ensure that you have all the gears needed. You need a swimsuit, headscarf if you are a female, swimming goggle and astopwatch for swimming.
Get the quality of the gears mentioned earlier and choose the one that suits and fits you perfectly. Swimming gears are essential as it helps to make life easier for you in the pool. Using a life jacket will keep you floating in the pool even if you find yourself in the deep part of the pool.
It is not news anymore that people can get drown in the pool even when using swimming gear. However, the reason for that is because they fail to make use of fitted gears. If you make use of a life vest that is bigger than you, and you move to the deep part of the pool, you are likely to get yourself drowned. It shows how important it is to get the right size swimming gear before you jump into the pool.

Never go into the pool without a lifesaver

Getting into the pool without knowing how to swim in the absent of a lifesaver is nothing different from suicide. If you ever want to get into the pool and you don’t know how to swim, you need the service of a lifesaver.
That reminds me of when I took my cousins to the pool, and they want to learn how to swim. I was interested in improving my skills. All I have to do is hand them over to a lifesaver who took them into the pool and guide them through the time spent in the pool.

Start from the shallow part

There are levels in the construction of a pool. Most do have 4ft as the shallow part, and the deep can extend to 12 ft. However, you should always get into the pool from the shallow part. You are still going to have your head above the water from the shallow part, which is not life-threatening.
Do not ever risk getting into the pool from the deep part of the pool. Once you have got the knowledge and skills to do so, you can then try such. Many people have lost their lives by getting into the pool from the deep side, and they couldn’t find their way out of the water. You should not fall victim.

Free yourself and stop being rigid

The first lesson I learned from my swimming lesson is that you must not be too rigid in the water. It took a whole month before I could learn how to free my nerves in the water. It was always as though I was beating against the water, and it was quite hard to learn how to swim that way.
Several times, I will watch the lifesaver stays on the surface of the water life, a lifeless thing floating, and I will ask myself how he was able to do it. I got to learn that if your instinct is to survive in the water and not to have fun, swimming will be difficult.
So, therefore, you need to free your nerves, relax, and calm in the pool. Movement in the pool doesn’t require force. It takes understanding the principle behind moving in the water without hassles.

Learning the movement

Movement in the water requires stroke, flapping, and many more. I started with learning how to flap my legs in the water by supporting myself by holding the edge of the pool body and releasing every other part of the body in the water. Then you can move on to learn some other movement in the water.

Watch videos if you don’t have a tutor

I do tell most of my friends that I do not learn how to swim from any center. Most find it hard to believe whenever they see me hit the pool. My secret to that is watching many Youtube videos on how to swim and different methods on how to improve my swimming skills.
I have watched several videos, and I do try to implement what I have learned from the videos when next I hit the pool. It has been a great secret for me since I have no luxury of money to enroll in any swimming school or center.


I have given these swimming tips not as an expert but with the little of my knowledge. As at the time of writing this, I can tell you I’m an expert. So I suggest you read and learn more from other sources and not solely depend on all I have written in this post.

If you have any questions, please ask below!