Sports for Children: Which One to Choose?

Children, predominantly, are very active. This means they are developing absolutely correct. It is useless to tell a mischievous boy or a restless girl: “Sit quietly, do not turn, do not run!” On the contrary, it is important to understand that children’s energy requires a way out.

There are also reverse situations – the child is quiet, painful, not self-confident. They may be an outsider among other children and this can be alarming for parents. Paradoxically, but in both cases, sports is one of the most effective solutions.

And then the parents are faced with the following task: which sport should they take their son or daughter to? What direction is suitable for the child? It is worth choosing based on a variety of factors, the main of which are:

  • age
  • health condition
  • type of temperament
  • interests and preferences
  • weight, growth, and speed of the child

7 Most Popular Sports

There are many reasons why parents decide that their child will “participate in sports”. But a sport with its specific objectives among these reasons is far from the first places. But its a wrong way. You must carefully and adequately estimate your child’s ability and study different sports. Based on those two aspects you can make the right decision.

Martial Arts and Boxing

A child can visit it from 7 years old, but it’s better to choose one where there will not be a lot of percussion technology in pairs: children fight recklessly and violently, and there’s no need to regularly get a kid hit on the head.

Strikes to the face are fraught with damage to the ear cartilage, nasal cartilage, injuries of the orbit of the eyes – all this for a growing person is a source of future problems. It is better to start with aikido, where the main thing for a coach is to teach children to fall correctly, then there should be no injuries. It is better to start with aikido or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, where the main thing for a coach is to teach children to fall correctly, then there should be no injuries.. And it’s better to give up this idea.


Avoid it up to the age of 10. This is a very traumatic sport, and coaches do not take to the children younger than 10 years only because they have no fear and can hurt themselves. It is good for records, but not for the benefit of the body.


It would seem that the gymnasts are all handsome. However, there is one thing – gymnastics gives a huge load on the spine, which can affect the growth of the child. Notice that gymnastics champions are usually short ones.

So this sport is not suitable for children, and so lagging behind in growth. It is not suitable for those who have scoliosis, bronchial asthma, high blood pressure, myopia – gymnastics has many contraindications. A child can start training from 4–6 years old, but it’s better not to avoid it up to 9 years old.


It’s good for all children. Kids swimming even in the most amateur and gentle form, develop better than their peers. If a child swims twice a week for 45 minutes, then his immune system works better. Unloading the spine. Muscles work differently than on land – such an inaccessible load is very useful.

Sports Ballroom Dances

Proper posture and the ability to move well to music will be useful for life. In addition, sports ballroom dancing gives a serious load to all muscles – dancers from workouts go out wet. Of course, this sport is more like girls, but just for them, it is less useful.

Shoes with heels, in which it is necessary to perform complex steps, increase the likelihood of injuries and simply spoil the foot, these shoes are not physiological. It is better to find a dance club with a fewer sports orientation, where adult attributes will not be required from children: heels, tight-fitting dresses, tanning, and hairspray.


Popular, affordable (there are free schools) and sport that everyone understands. Team types teach a child to better interact with a team. The junior teams were recruited from the age of 8, and now they are taking five-year-olds. The majority at this age do not hit the ball, but each other’s legs. They still confuse right-left and are afraid of the ball. That’s why it’s better to start when the child will be older than 10 years.

Horseback Riding

During a ride on a horse, a person uses a variety of muscles, so that the body will be strengthened, and the posture will be corrected. Also, horseback riding has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, it can be prescribed for too active or hysterical kids.

From 5 to 10 years old children practice ponies and only then move on to horses. But the best age to start classes is 6 to 7 years, before that it can be difficult for a child.

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