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Pros and Cons of Weight Training

girl-weight-trainingWeight training is well known as a health inducing hobby. It serves to improve on many areas of your body, your life and even your mental health. As is with anything else, there are good points and bad points associated with weight training; however, you will probably find that the benefits far outweigh and outnumber the cons.

The Positive Attributes and Effects

Exercising with weights has many advantages. It helps the body's muscle groups to work together more efficiently and helps you to build strength. Here are other ways that exercise benefits your body.

  • Exercise strengthens bones.

It has been noted that people who lift weights have more bone mass and it is stronger than the bone mass in those who do not lift weights.

  • Exercise builds muscle that helps to ward of injury and strain.

Strong muscles protect the bodies joints and internal organs better than the muscles of those who do not exercise regularly.

  • Exercise burns calories and helps to maintain a healthy weight and body composition.

Depending on the intensity of a weight training session, the participant can burn a significant number of calories that would otherwise be stored as fat in the body.

  • Exercise improves on the independence of an individual into the late years of their life.

People who exercise regularly fight the decline of muscle that comes with old age. This allows them to live on their own longer than an inactive person.

  • Exercise improves an individual's quality of life and disease resistance.

Those who exercise regularly get a boost to their immune system that allows them to avoid getting sick as frequently as their under active peers.

  • Exercise improves self worth.

Regular workouts help to maintain a better looking body and provide a sense of accomplishment that stems from achieving a goal. Those who exercise frequently feel better about themselves.

  • Exercise helps an individual to deal more effectively with stress.

The endorphins that release during a bout of weight training are mood boosters. Those who exercise are able to deal with the stresses in their life more effectively and have a clear mind to do so.

The Drawbacks

Even though so much good comes from weight training there are still some negative attributes.

  • An increase in the risk of injury.

Although this is listed as a negative it is an avoidable one. By acquiring the knowledge of how to properly exercise and perform movements injury is something that does not need to be factored in. Enlist the help of a personal trainer to teach you proper form and help you develop a fitness plan.

  • Risks of aggravating an existing condition.

This is another avoidable risk associated with starting a new weight training or fitness plan. A physical examination conducted by your physician can help to identify any contraindications that may exist.

  • Training can be expensive.

Yes. The decision to begin weight training can require a significant financial commitment as well as a time commitment. It doesn't need to make you go broke. If you do not want to train at a gym there are a variety of exercises and activities that can be done at home or for free, less a minimal investment for a pair of decent shoes.

  • Training is time consuming.

Anything worthwhile is going to require some sort of time investment; however, most people can manage this. The average person spends a large amount of time watching television, by replacing some of that tv time with a workout you can drastically improve upon your health and musculature.

Hopefully it has became very clear that the benefits are far more numerous than the problems when it comes to weight training and exercise. Some equipment can be purchased if you choose such as adjustable weight dumbbells, weighted vests and exercise balls, that don't have to cost a lot of money but can boost your health and help to elevate your workouts. You may even be able to purchase some items used which will help to further reduce your financial investment.

This is a post published on behalf of Mr. Dave, a freelance writer, mainly interested in sports and health related topics. When not blogging he’s working on his main muscle groups in the gym.

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