How Golf Players Benefit from New Technologies

frtgytgtyIn the game of golf, there’s no way that you can buy a better game. This might be true to some degree, as instruction and practice are the only keys to success in this game. However, even with all of these lessons and the range time that you have, if a golfer is not equipped with the latest technology, they will most likely be giving away a couple of shots per round. So read on to find out how golf players can benefit from the new technologies in 2017.

Technology Advanced Clubs

The drivers of today are perhaps the most technologically advanced in a player’s set. Virtually, all drivers will max out at the current size limitation, which is 460cc. Such a large size will allow the club to be more stable most especially during off center hits. This size of 460cc will also allow for the designers to be able to come up with thin faces that will lead to a faster speed of the ball with longer distances. Almost all of the top drivers of today have maxed out the COR/CT test is set about by the USGA, however, the recent technologies can also help the player to be able to find spin and launch characteristics that will be able to provide optimum launch with longer distance.


Significant Changes in the Driver Shapes

You may have also noticed a significant change in the driver shapes recently. These changes in the shapes can lead to the creation of specific centers of gravity that will influence the flight of the ball. For instance, the square shapes can help to increase the MOI or moment of inertia that will help the player to be able to hit the golf ball straighter. Moreover, triangular shapes of the drive will move the CG rearward, which tends to increase the initial launch angle.

On the other hand, the more traditional shapes will allow for a player to be able to draw or fade the ball in order to fit with certain requirements of the shot. In addition, the clubs that have adjustable configurations of weight are designed in such a way to influence a left to right or right to the left flight of the ball, depending upon the placement of weight.

Modern Shaft Designs

Unless you are not paying much attention to the equipment, then you certainly know that the drive shafts also play an important role in the overall club performance. This goes the same with high performance and modern designed golf wear like the Galvin Green Clothing, which affects the way a golfer will perform in the golf course. Modernly designed shafts have made it possible for a player to be able to hit the ball higher or lower without a change in the swing.


The shafts with high kick point, and are also known as lower launch models, are generally ideal for those swingers who are faster and more aggressive. The high launch or low kick point shaft also help slower swingers to be able to get the ball airborne much easier. A launch monitor fitting can help the player to determine the specific head design and the shape that he or she can hit best. Furthermore, it also provides shaft information that will match with the flex and launch factors that affect the manner in which the player will swing.

Radical Improvements on the Wedges

Golf wedges have also undergone a lot of radical changes as of late. Most of the popular wedges in the 2017 golf market come with milled faces that create more backspin. Some of these wedges have pushed the rules of the groove width and depth to the maximum, which leads to the highest possible spin rates. Several sole grinds are now available to help a player to open the clubface without the need to increase the bounce on the club, which makes it less likely for the player to skull a shot. When it comes to wedges, it is important to consider the consistent gaps in between the sand, pitching and lob wedges. This is to help ensure consistency in the yardage distances in between clubs.

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