How Do Junior Tennis Tournaments Work?

tennis-manIf you are a parent whose child is skilled in tennis and who wants to build on the skills he acquired, you can enter him in the United States Tennis Association’s Junior Tournaments. The Junior Tournaments are offered in these categories; individual, team, elimination and non-elimination. There are also wheelchair tennis matches available for kids who want to enter the Junior Tennis Tournaments but who are disabled.

Joining The USTA for Junior Memberships

In order to join the Junior Tennis Tournaments you have to join the USTA. The cost of a junior membership is $20 for one year, $54 for three years and $80 for five years. When your child joins the USTA she will have the opportunity to learn from more established tennis players and she can compete in matches as an individual or as part of a team. Your child also gets the chance to compete in national championships and become a tennis player as an adult.

How To Register For A Tournament

Here is how you can register your child for an upcoming junior tennis tournament through UTSA’s website. When you go to UTSA’s website you would click on "Tennis Link" and then select "Tournaments." Once you do this you would search for the tournament you want and then you would begin the registration process. During registration you will need to enter your child’s membership information and then this information will be validated by the system. You can also use this process to change tournaments or withdraw from a certain tournament before the expiration date of that tournament.

How Rankings Are Determined

The United States Tennis Association follows a points-per-round ranking system for players in the junior tennis tournament. These points are earned by winning single and double matches at various competitions within the USTA. There are some eligibility requirements for junior players who wish to achieve rankings at the national level. The player must win a certain round in order to receive ranking points and if he is involved in any violations of the rules of the USTA regarding tournaments, he forfeits his ranking points. If a player earns bonus points during the tournament and wins the round those points count towards a national ranking.

How Can My Child Get Endorsement Into National Championships?

If your child is a USTA member and is interested in playing in the national championships, your regional branch of the USTA often endorses players for this purpose. If you want more information on endorsements you will need to visit the website of your region’s branch of the USTA to find out what its’ requirements are for this since each branch has its’ own rules.

Training Centers

The USTA also has training centers in different regions of the country and this includes the main center in Boca Raton Florida. Junior members of the USTA can come to the training center and receive training for upcoming tournaments and to improve tennis skills in general. The USTA National Training Program is designed for student athletes and they receive lessons and training sessions from coaches at the center, and on-site housing and schooling are also available. You can download the training program application from USTA’s website.


Your child will benefit from participating in the junior tournaments because he will learn the importance of physical activity for better health and he will have the opportunity to make new friends and possibly build a thriving career in tennis for years to come.

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