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Helpful Advice when Shopping for Kids Ski Wear

kids ski wear

Going shopping for kids’s clothes and outdoor clothing can be a challenge at best of times, but attempting to discover the right clothes for the cold weather can be trick if you don’t know what to look for. Whether you are hitting the slopes in the Alpes or gliding like a pro in your regional snow sports center, discovering the right ski gear is very crucial. The following ski wear quick guide is aimed at helping you decide which style of ski clothes you need for your occasion.


Snowboard Jackets For Children

There are 3 types of ski jackets which you can buy. Here’s a quick run-through of each:

When it comes to ski jackets this is often the most popular. Insulated jackets are excellent to keep you warm and are typically stuffed with down feathers or artificial fibers. The outer layer of the jacket will be measured for its waterproof levels in millimetres. One brand of ski jackets that has been developed with waterproofing as the primary selling point is Trespass‘ Tres-Tex collection. An insulated coat will last you from season to season and can be worn for other adventures, like walking the dog during the depths of winter.

Ski JacketsShell Jackets
The external layer protection is offered by the shell coats. Shell coats are best combined with other layers as they are not insulated. They perform well with other layers depending on the activity. Shell coats provide wonderful protection from moisture with special waterproofing, as well as the fabric being breathable.

The 3 in 1 coat is very popular as it’s so flexible. 3 in 1 jackets are a wonderful value for money as they combine layers like shell and insulation into one jacket. They typically have an inner layer that you can remove easily and you can wear this on it’s own when the weather is a little warmer.

It’s a great idea to try a selection of jacket on your children to see which fit best and what they think is comfy for them. If your kids enjoy a wide range of adventures all year round, a 3 in 1 jacket would be a terrific choice. A 3 in 1 means you can change your jacket to suit the weather very quickly.

Snowboard Pants

When checking out ski trousers for kids, make sure you look for similar details as the coats. Pants with a strengthened knees and seat should be the one important design to look for when buying ski pants. Having strengthened knees and seat is helpful if you’re a novice snowboarder as they’ll help cushion your fall and also help prevent a bad injury. Reinforcement will stop any rips and tears, making your pants last longer and are better value for money.

Ski and snowboard trousers shouldn’t be too tight so make sure your children has room in their trousers. This is crucial as kids grow incredibly quickly and you don’t want to have to fork out for expensive snowboard wear year after year. A great tip is to buy ones with an adjustable waist and plenty of room in the legs, maybe even a size bigger.

Snowboard clothing Design

There are also a few style details you should watch out for when choosing a children’s snowboard clothing. Here is a short list of the main things to keep an eye out for:

Waterproof Levels

As we’ve mentioned, examining your ski clothing for levels of waterproofing is very crucial. A good recommendation of water proof levels is about the 10,000-20,000 range.


Although the weather is cool, because you’re basically exercising you will be developing a sweat from the active movements. A breathable coat will allow any moisture and sweat to escape from the breathable material and still keep you hot.


This does the same as the breathable fabrics. Any quality ski coat should have vents in the arm pits to permit fresh air to enter and this helps to cool off the body when it gets too hot.

Taped Seams

Having a waterproofed coat is terrific but is meaningless if your jacket has no taped seams. With waterproof coats, the stitching in the material creates a weak point which can be a problem as water can seep in through the small holes in the fabric.’ Taped seams can stop any water leaking in by covering the parts that are stitched up.


Velcro straps for the cuffs that are adjustable are a must for children jackets. Having adjustable cuffs are important to avoid any snow getting into the sleeves and creating ice cool water running up their arm.


There’s a few extras you should look out for when buying your ski clothing. These are the primary ones that you will actually require / use.

Removable And Adjustable Hood

This avoids cool wind collecting in the side of your hood when it is brought up over your helmet.

Snow skirt

Falling when skiing or snowboarding, also known as a wipe out, can cause snow to travel up into your coat and on to your back. A snow skirt can stop this from occurring.


Ski clothes can be pricey so if you want to make your ski jackets or pants last longer, buy them in neutral colours that are good for boys or girls. You can give your clothing to younger family members when you no longer fit into the ski pants or coat. That’s a terrific way to save money.


A lot of individuals underestimate how much stuff you require have with you while you’re skiing or snowboarding. Important items like lift passes, cash, snowboard goggles and cellphones may require to be carried with you at all times. Having interior pockets with zips are fantastic for valuable items like money and your cell phone while exclusively designed pockets on the outside for lift passes and ski goggles are also a wonderful feature. These little but useful addons make matters simpler when holding a few items.

So now you have the low down on purchasing snowboard wear for children. Next time you’re jetting off on a snowboard holiday you will be completely prepared to make the most of your trip!

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