Why Use a Wi-Fi Enabled Device to Transform Your Workout

Wifi weighing scale

Obesity has spread like an epidemic in the USA. A Government data shows 78 million adults were obese in the country in 2012. There is no significant difference in the statistics even in 2013. The fact that 35% of the Americans are obese is of great concern, because obesity contributes to serious health problems like type 2 diabetes, liver problems, cardio vascular disease and some types of cancer. So what is the reason behind this epidemic?

Eating too much and exercising too little- these two factors have contributed to the rise in obesity at such an unnatural rate. Now, the crucial question is how to control this health crisis? Decrease in opportunities for exercises in our day to day life is the main culprit behind the increasing count of obese people. Exercise is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, along with exercise you need to modulate the eating habits. If you stick to junk foods, even vigorous exercise cannot save your health from deterioration.

More or less all are aware that exercises and good eating habit help to shed extra pounds, still only few Americans are able to maintain a healthy body. There are many people in the US who are worried about their increasing weight and tried dieting to reduce those extra pounds. They had gain remarkable results of attaining a healthy body weight. However, it is observed that they return to their original weight within three years. It is because as soon as they achieve their goal of losing certain pounds from their body weight, they are satisfied and stop dieting. Hence, they again start developing fat.

Accomplishing a healthy body weight is only half the job done. You need to maintain that weight throughout life. Well, it is tough to maintain a body weight only with dieting; you have to do some form of exercises. Do you lack the motivation to do that? Why not purchase a Wi-Fi enabled measuring scale that can be the Mr. Motivator for you? The scale measures the body fat, heart rate and your weight.

How the measuring scale can help?

If you are struggling to modify the lifestyle, every change in weight can be a great motivation for you. How to keep an eye on the weight you lose? You have to stand on a weighing scale at least once a week and request someone to note down the displayed weight. You will accumulate the data in an excel sheet to have a graphical representation. Few years back, this was the process.

With technology changing at a rocket speed, there is no need to toil so hard to keep track of your body weight. Just step on the measuring scale, to know exactly the values of BMI and fat-lean ratio. When you are trying to reduce some extra pounds, the first thing you need to understand what will be the ideal weight in relation to your height and age. Body Mass Index (BMI) and fat-lean ratio may help you to target the right pounds. The modern weighing scales are equipped with another smart feature of measuring heart rate.

You do not have to put an extra effort to measure the heart rate. Along with the weight, your pulse rate will also be displayed when you step on the weighing scale. Strong heart signifies healthy body. Therefore, when you take down the weight, do not forget to measure the heart rate. The history of this measurement will help you to understand whether your fitness level is improving.

How to maintain the data history?

Can you remember what was the weight or heart rate when you stepped on the scale two weeks before? Though primarily it is possible, but you will start forgetting the data once it keeps on adding. In order to make this process effortless, the weighing scales now available in markets are enabled with Wi-Fi. Data that the weighing machine collects are stored in the Cloud. Then the data are transformed into easy to read graphs. You can access the simple graphical representations whenever you need either through the mobile application or through a web application. This is an incredible development in healthcare Wi-Fi system.

Does staying healthy only mean how much you weight?

Weight is not the only criteria that determine whether you are healthy or not. You have to eat well, exercise simultaneously to keep yourself fit. So, what the requirement of an expensive weighing scale? Modern Wi-Fi enabled scales does not only focus on the readings, the profile that you will need for accessing the data from your smartphone will encourage to build up a healthy routine.

On the basis of your lifestyle, the system will inform you the calories that you are able to burn in respect to how much you are eating. It is best for them who are confused about the ways how they can lose weight. There is a Wi-Fi key for each scale that will automatically connect to the home network once you enter it. Many of the Americans are ready to incur the cost as the new bathroom measuring scale is a valuable aid for those trying to manage their body weight.


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