The Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer

Although the mental picture you may get of a personal trainer screaming at his clients until their legs have turned to Jell-O may deter you from hiring a trainer, the benefits of doing so will outweigh any fears you may have. Although many trainers use the ‘tough love' route to push their clients to better themselves, they generally work with you in a nonthreatening manner to help you achieve your individual fitness goals. Understanding all the benefits a personal trainer can provide will help you to decide if hiring one will be a worthwhile investment for you.


Meeting your goals

A trainer can help you define and achieve your personal fitness goals. He or she will take into account your fitness level and then discuss what you would like to achieve through hiring them. Although you may already have a good idea of which goals you would like to achieve, a personal trainer will help you to break your overall goal down into smaller ones that are more easily achievable. A trainer will also help to assess and monitor your progress toward these goals.

Personalized workouts

A personal trainer will devise a workout plan based on your current fitness level and personal goals. Because it is created specifically for you, a personalized workout plan will give you better results than one you may find online or on a DVD. Because he or she knows your individual physical condition and unique medical background, a trainer can create a program to fit your specific needs.


A trainer can teach you a wide variety of workout methods that can keep you from becoming bored. If a specific exercise is not providing you with the results you want, a trainer will change it to one that will provide the same physical benefits, but work better for you. He or she will also make adjustments to your routine as your fitness level improves to ensure your progress continues.

With all the benefits hiring a personal trainer provides, you can be rest assured it is a sound financial decision to hire one and begin your new fitness journey.


One common issue when it comes to weight loss is a lack of commitment to stick to a regular workout program. When you do not have anyone to answer to, it is easy to skip a session, or completely fall off the wagon. By working with a trainer, he or she will hold you accountable, meaning it is more likely you will adhere to your exercise program.

Proper instruction

A personal trainer can instruct you in the proper ways to perform various exercises. They will first demonstrate the movement, and then watch as you perform it in order to correct your technique or posture. This will help to reduce your risk of injury, and will bring you faster results. Tom from Good Health and Fitness argues that: "A trainer can spot any imperfections in form when lifting weights, or even when performing cardiovascular exercises. This is vital in ensuring any potential injuries are avoided and also promotes healthy gains and improvements."


It can be difficult to find the motivation to stick with a new exercise routine if you are on your own. However, attending regular sessions with a trainer will give you the motivation you need to continue on your fitness journey. Many individuals do not hire a personal trainer for every session. Working with one every few weeks can be enough to help keep you on track. It also gives you a great sense of pride when you show your trainer the improvements you have made as you progress through your exercise program.

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