Means of Coping with Chronic Back Pain

Back pain, especially the chronic kind, is not easy to cope with. It is one of the major problems one can face on daily basis. You can't concentrate due to bothersome pain, you are constantly stressed out, you can't get enough rest, and all of this results in lower performance at work. Clearly it is a problem that needs to be addressed and the following articles will provide you with ways on how to do so.


Easy solutions

There are always quick, yet not permanent solutions these however, will most likely help you get through the day. Until you find more time to take more advanced steps towards efficient recovery, you can try some of the following tricks.

  • Hot and cold treatment is one of the oldest tricks in the book, simply use frozen vegetables or ice bag, and place it on the area where the pain originates from. This should make the ache subside enough to get some shut eye before the next day. Same goes for hot treatment. You can use a bottle filled with boiled water, instead the bag of ice.
  • Readjusting sleeping position is another way to cope with such pain. You can use a pillow between your knees to provide better support for your back.
  • Pain killers and muscle relaxants will most likely do the trick as well. The problem lies in overusing this method since you will prone to developing addiction. Popping a pill every now and then to help you fall asleep is perfectly alright though.
  • Massages can also do wonders in this area, just make sure you book a professional masseuse, since a bad one can only make matters worse. Alternatively, the art of acupuncture is claimed to be quite efficient as well, a lot of people have responded positively to this treatment.
  • Meditating to mitigate your stress levels is also an option, but only if your back pain is actually result of your stress not the other way around, since it won't do much good if you are suffering as a result of back injury.

Types of exercise

In the event your back pain is a consequence of an injury, adequate exercise can nourish you back to health. Exercise is a great way to distribute nutrients into soft tissue of the spine, which keeps our muscles healthy. It is also worth mentioning that, due to the lack of exercise, your muscles become stiffer, which ultimately causes your back to hurt even more.

Start your day with a good stretch. You can do this by finding some yoga exercises online, then proceed to exercise which targets core muscles in order to make them stronger. Muscles and ligaments which are connected to spinal column are essential support for your back, thus by reinforcing this support you reduce the pain severity. These core muscles do not get enough exercise throughout our daily activity, so you need to find specific workout for them, and always have supervision since flawed performance can make things even worse.

Finally, try to walk more frequently, to keep your muscles stimulated, remember to keep the right posture while walking and sitting as well-eventually, things will improve.


Medical procedures

As a last resort, you can always undergo a medical procedure to solve this problem. One of these interventions involves injecting steroids in spinal facet joints, for the purpose of strengthening them. One of the causes of chronic back pain can be a consequence of too much load, due to your breast size, in that event a breast reduction surgery should help you with your troubles. Back or spine surgery is often used as last resort when everything else fails. A more severe back injury is very likely to lead to back surgery, since our body is unable to recover on its own.

I hope you found the article useful, and that it will help you in your ongoing struggles, just remember that if the pain doesn't subside you should always look for more professional assistance.

If you have any questions, please ask below!