Importance of Choosing the Right Fighting Equipment

No matter if you are a beginner in martial arts or an experienced athlete, exercising for health & fitness or trying hard for trophies and glory. Anyone who has spent at least a day in a gym practicing martial arts emphasize the importance of choosing the proper fighting equipment in achieving desired results.

People, who have spent years in building their career as martial artists point out several major negative effects an improper, low-quality fighting gear can have on an athlete and the training process.

Higher trauma risks

Fighting equipment, for example, headgear is specifically designed to protect an athlete from traumas. However, you need to be careful while choosing one for you.

Except for the overall quality of the product, you need to pay attention to how you feel when you put it on. Comfort is almost as important as the protection. The used equipment must give you a sense of comfort and confidence and must just fit your body well.

That is why expensive stuff does not always equal to what is really good for you.

Trauma risks for the opponent

One of the main purposes of your fighting gear is to protect from traumas not only you but your opponent as well. If the equipment you use in your training or sparring is inappropriate for you or your particular fighting style, it can lead to injury for the opponent.

This is especially important for boxing gloves. Make sure to choose at least 12oz well-padded gloves if you intend to use them in sparring. If you are a big person and/or a powerful puncher, go with even bigger option – 14oz or 16oz.

There is no reason to train with smaller gloves because you risk hurting your sparring partner.

Disappointment and fatigue

You may be using the brand new top class fighting gear or a budget equipment, or as a beginner, you have borrowed a second-hand stuff from your friend. The real point of difference between these options is not the price and the quality, but how much of comfort and confidence you have while wearing a certain fighting outfit.

If your fighting equipment is just “not for you” it will definitely cause tiredness and disappointment at the end of your training session. In this case, you should immediately start searching for the fighting gear that fits you better.

Unnecessarily high expenses

A lot of people, especially at their beginning as martial artists, prefer to choose the first cheapest option of fighting gear. However, buying a cheap stuff in order to save money can be counterproductive. Besides the risks that low-quality equipment can carry, in a long run, it will cause high, unnecessary expenses for you. On the other hand, a quality fighting gear can last for years, hence will save more of your money.

There is a huge variety of different fighting equipment available on the market. They can differ from one another so much that it can even lead a seeker into confusion. How exactly can an athlete, especially a beginner choose proper fighting gear?

As we have already said, as long as the fighting gear is concerned high price does not always equal to what you really need as a martial artist.

If some particular product is perfect for me, it does not mean it will fit you well too. There is no universal method of choosing the right equipment, yet some research can be and should be made before deciding on buying fighting gear.

How to find the best products?

One of the good options to start researching this type of sports product is visiting local sports equipment stores. You will be able to consult the professionals on site. Therefore, it will be easier to choose the right stuff for you.

However, this method is time-consuming and sports stores may not have the big enough pool of products that you might need to choose from.

Another option is making a research on the internet. A lot of web pages are specialized in sports and sports equipment for martial arts where one can get a comprehensive picture and What’s & Why’s of fighting gear. User reviews are available to learn from the people who have used a certain piece of equipment.

If you have any questions, please ask below!