How to Develop a Marathon Mind Set?

shutterstock_290612852Marathon is not all about winning the race you need to be psychologically prepared and engaged. This is the reason why you have to undergo training for about 3 months before the marathon starts. You have to focus and be active on a daily basis focusing on the major day the marathon will take place. You need to get to know the people who will be participating together with you so that you can know how serious you need to get with the marathon. Make sure that your sports cloths and shoes are all in good condition to avoid inconveniences during that day.

The following are ways in which you can develop a marathon mind set

Make a schedule for yourself and follow it

This is one of the best ways to engage your mind in this marathon activity. Set a schedule that you will strictly follow such as you have to fix a certain day for the long races, set the distance and the tine you are supposed to take. This will make your mind active and focused on finishing the set distance. Do not be too vigorous during practice since you can run slowly; take walking breaks during the race. You will be able to awaken your joints muscles and entire body to prepare for a major activity. Always keep in mind the type of activity you have set for the following day or certain dates to avoid forgetfulness
Understanding that before taking any marathon training, a visit to the doctor is extremely important.
Make sure that before you begin any practice for marathon, you undergo a full body health check up that will ensure that you have no complications at all. Starting the practice with an injury can make you have more complications destructing you from the practice and also from the main marathon. Your doctor can help you with great ways to fight fatigue once you get exhausted after the practice. Involve your mind in the daily activities to help you remain focused.

Have a proper diet

For a healthy mind set, you require a good diet plan that will help keep your muscles strong to be able to cope with the activities you have set. Do not take water with you alone the race since frequent consumption will affect digestion hence preventing you from maintaining your pace. Take water when you are done with the race to help you boost the lost energy through dehydration. Take carbohydrates and proteins that will help you repair muscle tissues that wear out during practice. Ensure that your diet plan has calcium and iron to boost the bone formation. Vitamins are recommended since they help to boost your body and mind with necessary minerals required during the race. Make sure that you take a minimum of 8 glasses of water to keep your body hydrated throughout the race.

Stretch daily as it will help you strengthen your back

Marathon is a strenuous exercise hence requires you to keep the body parts active. If you have not set a schedule for a certain day makes sure that you stretch to keep your body flexible. Stretching helps to keep your muscles and stomach strong hence do not spend any day without the simple exercise. This helps to keep your mind active ready for the big day any time. Allow your body to rest enough through sleeping for 8 hours in a night which a recommendation is given by your health adviser. You may find that you need extra more time to sleep in addition to the 8 hours, do not hesitate to continue sleeping since it is an indication that your body is more exhausted.

Know that the ideal time you should have been running is about a year before you join a marathon
You should be comfortable running for more than 3 kilometers without any complains. Your mind should be comfortable with long distances hence you are recommended to train for at least one year before you begin.


Marathon may be taking place in areas that you do not know hence you need to familiarize yourself with them in advance. In case it is a far place, you have to set up your finances and ensure that they will be enough to avoid being stuck. Ensuring that your health is good is a great idea to avoid any complications during the race ensuring that you chest,and blood pressure are okay. Making sure that you do not have joint pains and also that you have no injury to enable you to win as you desire. Health conditions can compromise and prevent you from achieving your goal so, make sure that your health is okay as a first priority.


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