Guides to Surf Like a Professional Surfer

If you like to surf and you do it on a regular basis then it is not new to you, but may be for beginners it's new and hard to do. You must be aware of the fact that if you do any sport you need to do workouts for that, just to stay away from sport injuries and to perform better. Well in the case of Surfing we can say that one can easily do better surfing. With such technically defined programs, all exercises are meant to help your body become more effective at carrying out all the movements undertaken while riding the wave. This contains duck diving, paddling, and popping up while surfing.

So these movements even better, it's required to give attention to the certain components of your strength and fitness. In this you can improve your upper body endurance, core strength and stability, balance & strength, power and lower body strength, mobility, your flexibility, and cardiovascular fortitude. This will help you be a better surfer and perform all tricks with an ease. There are not enough people who are aware with the fact with optimizing their gym timing when fitness about surfing is taken into consideration. Generally surfing includes an all over workout, from lower body strength which helps in riding the waves longer to the upper body strength to improvise paddling, popping up, and core strength for balance.

There are few workouts and training which you can do at home like pushups, lunges, squats and many more, but to improve your surfing technique and to reach a higher level of fitness regarding surfing you need to take it a step further. I will tell you how you can do it without getting into trouble. Basically there are three main concerns:

  • Stretching,
  • Swimming, and
  • Gymming


Stretching is the important factor in every sport. To remain flexible while doing any sport you need to do stretching. It not only helps in reducing the injury part, but also helps you increase your flexibility, which helps a lot in daily life as well as in any sport; most importantly it reduces the risk of strain and injury in muscles both inside and outside. Only a 20mins stretching just 3 times a week is said to be more than enough. Always do stretching if you choose to do the workouts or not, as it comes with lots of benefits. Studies show that stretching helps us in:

  1. Diminishing the danger of activity-based injuries, and
  2. Improving athletic performance

As I said it can help in improving flexibility. The better flexibility will help you improve your performance in physical activities whilst decreasing the risk of injuries by making your body joints move with their full range of activity Stretching also helps in increases the blood flow to the muscles, which eventually makes them stronger. A foam roller is basically said to be good for stretching, as when you do your stretching it goes much deeper to your muscle, generally it's like getting a massage.


After stretching, swimming is said to be one of the best workout for your fitness and wellness. Swimming is a lot more similar to surfing in many case, just it doesn't includes anything to do with the surfboard. Swimming has many benefits like:

  1. Improving your personal safety, it is obvious that if you know how to swim, you are aware with the ability to survive in water while doing any water sport or if by any chance you happen to be in water. At least you can get out of it safely without getting drowned.
  2. You can rescue other people as well. If you know how to swim, you can be a savior for the people who do not know how to swim.
  3. As the swimming requires you to use almost all of the muscles of your body, it eventually helps in building endurance and strength and is favorable in consideration to your metabolism and cardiovascular system. It also provides natural coolness to your body system.
  4. Decrease your body fat
  5. It maintains and builds lean muscle tissue
  6. And increase the body's ability to use fat as fuel
  7. As the flexibility is also related to muscle strength and endurance, so no doubt flexibility is also increased by doing swimming.


Important thing including stretching and swimming is going to gym and doing workouts or the best part is that, at home making your own gym space. All you need is to buy some weights and get advice of any good surf fitness program, for our convenience it can be seen on TotalSurfingFitness which also provides surf workout plans which can be downloaded and use it whenever one wants to get trained on its own. By doing a whole body training, your all-purpose endurance in the water will definitely get better. You will feel more powerful doing your moves like paddle out and turns into the waves with a lot simple way, and thus have more fun while riding the wave. Just don't start trying to lift the heavy weights all at once, this type of training can actually make you less flexible and more prone to injuries and can hinder your surfing too. Gymming helps in:

  1. Controlling your weight by reducing your risk cardiovascular disease
  2. It reduces your risk for type 2 metabolic and diabetic syndromes
  3. Reduce your risk of getting cancers whilst strengthening your muscles and bones
  4. Improve your mental health as well as your mood.

I hope that this little help can help you be a better surfer than you have ever thought. So, Happy Surfing!! You can watch the video below to get a better understanding for the Surfing Fitness Workout.


If you have any questions, please ask below!