Exercises that Reduce Stress and Shape the Body

tae-boWhen you think about it, the place where you ‘earn' the most of your stress is the office. Your decisions are sometimes influenced by it, as well as the way you feel when you are at work. Therefore, a very good idea is to do all you can in order to reduce the stress at work and in the office. With just a couple of easy exercises, a few times a day, you can do wonders to shape your body and to reduce stress. You don't need sports gear or a yoga mat to do them, just a chair and a little bit of time during your lunch break.

Breathing Exercises

These are excellent exercises that will show down your heart rate a little bit and in that way make you calm and relaxed. One of the easy ways to achieve that is to sit on your chair with both of your feet on the ground, keep your back straight and your neck as well. Put your hands on the sides of your body, take a deep and long breath in, moving the arms away from your body, stretch and bring them together above your head. Look at the point where your hands meet, hold it for a moment and start to exhale, slowly bringing the arms back to the starting position.

Head and Neck Exercises

Tilt your head toward your shoulder and keep it for a second. Do the same to the other shoulder. Don't pull the shoulder up to reach your head. This is a movement only for your head and neck. Another thing is to try and reach your chest with your chin, keep for a second and then try to tilt the head back.

Shoulder and Arms Exercises

Still in the position with your back straight, try to circle the shoulders to the front and then to the back. Make at least ten circles in every direction. Spread both arms in front of you. Grab the hand of one arm and pull them toward yourself until you feel a light stretch in that hand. Repeat the movement with your other hand. Do the same with both of your hands, but this time, pull the palms downwards.

Legs and Ankles

Sitting on your chair, keep your legs together and lift them both up from the floor until they are straight in front of you. Flex your muscles and release a couple of times. Lower the legs and rest for a second. Bring them back up again and this time point your toes straight forward and flex them back. Repeat this at least ten times.

These are just a couple simple things that you can do sitting in your office chair. However, if you have the possibility to do so at work and you want to do some body shaping as well; try doing your work sitting on a Pilates ball instead of your chair. That way, you will be able to keep your muscles working with you as well.

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