Body Exercises for People Who Are Retired

Exercise is highly beneficial to the human body regardless of how old one is. I called upon expert Steve Savage from AguaSpan, to help with this article. Doctor and physicians have proven than body exercise improves both mental and physical position of a person. Frequent body exercise helps the body fight diseases such as diabetes and heart and blood related diseases. Even aged persons are advised to exercise for at least 3 hours a week. You don't necessarily need a gym to keep fit; there are many free options out there. These include:


old-man-swimmingSwimming is a great option for intensive body exercise irrespective of one's age. As long as you can swim, head to the nearest swimming pool and have a 30 minutes swim. Most of the body's muscles are active as one swim by, making it a great remedy for anyone fighting obesity or back pains.


WalkingTaking some time to walk everyday gives your body enough exercise, and gives you an opportunity to breathe fresh air. You can take a walk in the park, or just walk to the local supermarket to window-shop or meet with other aged persons. Unlike driving, walking makes it possible for you to meet with new people, get some time to chat and even watch children play. It not only improves your fitness levels, but also gives you a joyous mood. You can also involve other aged persons within the neighborhood to take a guided walk, as this makes the whole walking experience fun.


older people dancingNo one is too old to dance or take dancing lessons. If you were a dancer at one point in your life, you then understand how healthy dancing is. Just like swimming, dancing occupies your mind with a happy mood as all body muscles are involved. Dancing also makes it possible for one to meet new people giving you a chance to socialize once again. There are many gentle dancing styles that you can adopt for your age. These include waltz, smooth salsa and Ceroc among others.

Body exercise

Old Man with MuscleBody exercise is a little extreme, but this doesn't mean you are too old for that. You can take on body exercise classes where the instructor can help you with exercises that are gentle on your bones and muscles. Most of these exercises are aerobic and you have the right to choose an appropriate session. You however need to check with your physician to recommend effective body exercises that will not hurt your bones, but make you healthier. The gym instructor can also help attain your goal of keeping fit.


CyclingYou can't be too old to enjoy bike riding. Look for a bike with big tires and whose saddle is comfortable to ride on. Riding the bike down the road or on a flat ground gives you a chance to revisit the golden old times when you were a child. Don't act too old and enjoy the ride. Allow the wind to blow your hair out, and breathe in the fresh air in your nose. Cycling not only exercises your leg muscles, but also gives your heart a run too. Considering your age, you should not take it to the extreme but just enjoy the biking experience and you will be fine.

Gentle Exercises

Gentle ExercisesIf you are physically challenged and cannot handle bike riding, jogging in the morning or swimming, you can contact your physician to see what exercises will work best for you. If the limitation is due to a surgery, the surgeon should be able to recommend exercises that will help keep your body and heart strong for long. Even persons in a wheel chair can take a walk by riding for a much longer distance until tired. Your body getting tired due to a physical activity is a good sign that you are fit enough to handle something, and stick to that.


Amy Rice enjoys writing about health and fitness, when not writing she enjoys visiting the gym, swimming and free weights.

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