Best cardio for abs-know all about cardio exercise for abs

Today we are going to discuss the best cardio for abs. You will find some suitable cardio exercise machines and some easy home workouts for getting perfect fats. We all want a perfect shape of the body, but not all agreed to sweat or eat veggies or less rice/bread into their meal. Well, the key is to focus on the proper investment and distribution of time, energy and brain.

  • Make a diet plan consisting of some of your favorite foods inaccurate quantity
  • Make a routine for different cardiovascular exercises for abs.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Sleep and wake up early.

Best cardio for abs- Best cardio machine for abs

Not all machines are good for cardio exercise or give benefits on abs. Here ranked 1to 10 exercise machine for the best cardio machine for abs. But you should not try them without meet health consultant because they don’t suit are no safe for all types of body shape.

  1. Trade mil
  2. Stair mil
  3. Rowing machine
  4. Airdyne
  5. Upright bike
  6. Jacob’s ladder
  7. Skiing
  8. ARC trainer
  9. Elliptical
  10. Recumbent bike.

Cardio exercises for abs at home

Expect the cardio machine you can exercise at home with or without any equipment which helps you get a flatter belly and pretty good abs. Follow these simple exercises daily for at least 30 min to get the best result from cardio for abs.

Best cardio for abs

High knees

Start with standing on the floor and keep your shoulders wide apart and start to jog. Just like you climb on stairs. As you increase your speed, your knees will up higher and higher. When you start to reach your waist continue this process for at least 30 seconds. Take a break and start again. Do this process for at least 3 set.

Jumping rope

You might be thinking what this child-toy could do with the adult abs. But jumping rope can work on an entire slew of muscle groups especially the abs. You just need to exercise with jumping rope with 2 minutes. Start with basic jumping for 10 minutes then do 2 minutes with left and another 2 minutes with right leg jumping. And end the rest 6 minutes with basic jumping. As you are more practice with it, extend the time gradually.


Don’t frown after reading after this wired name. Burpees are great for burning calories and cardio exercise which involve your abs at a different level of workouts. Start with the squat position with your hands in front of yourself and put your hand in just one swift motion and kick your feet out to get in push-up position. Bring your feet back up toward your chest as soon as they fit the floor. Assume the squat position again and instantly jump as long as you can and return to the previous position. Repeat this entire position as until you reach 12 repetitions of 3 sets. You can take a one-minute break for each set.

What kind of exercise to lose belly fat?

Most of the cardio exercises are good for losing tummy fats. Including the high knees, burpees, etc. you can add your routine some other exercise like Sit-ups, Mountain Climbers, Modified V-Ups, and Flutter Kicks for losing the belly. These are the very simple task and took just max 15-20 to complete in total. You have to follow them repeat for 20 times in 3 set in total.

Can you get abs without doing cardio?

It’ll not give you a good result without cardio. If you are checking your diet then there is a possibility to get some visible abs for sure. Doing abdominal muscles workout will strengthen your muscle but don’t do much to burn you’re the fat covering the abs. Your diet does the rest when the layers of fat cuts down the abs are visible more clearly. So eat healthily, exercise regularly and lose body fat for having the perfect abs. Try to keep safe all the time and stay with us!


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