5 Ways to Gain Weight Without Supplements

gain-weight-The easiest thing that is so satisfying and that exist in this world is to “gain weight”. Gaining weight is the easiest task that a person can do. Yes, it does involve efforts but those efforts are so satisfying that no one could resist putting on some weight. But some people are not that fortunate enough.

Despite the fact that they eat a lot, they continue to be skinny. Thin people are often made the subject of other’s joke. They are looked down upon others and often given names like hanger, matchstick, skeleton, etc.

Thin people are often found to be very low in self-confidence as they have been facing embarrassment and humiliation since very long. They themselves undermine their abilities just because of the fact that they are not assumed to be capable by their peers.

Maintaining proper weight is the toughest job today. Some people are desperate for losing weight while others are desperate to gain some pounds in order to fit in the boundaries set by the society to describe a perfect body.

There are many ways of gaining weight along with the calorie and carbohydrate-rich diet. The following ways are proven to be very effective when it comes to gaining weight:-

Eat some healthy snack right before your bedtime

Eating just before you sleep is a kind of hack that works properly when you want to gain some weight. A lot of activities takes place in your body when you are fast asleep, like repairing, healing and generation. Consuming healthy snack just before going to bed ensures the fresh supply of nutrients that are available as energy in the body. A good weight gain diet chart could help you to decide what to take in breakfast lunch and dinner.

This time is like rush hour for building the muscles and lean tissues. A healthy snack option that won’t make you feel stuffed can be a bowl of pasta salad prepared with 100% whole grain pasta (gluten-free or wheat), chopped and shredded vegetables, vinaigrette prepared with extra virgin olive oil and a lean protein, the most favorable being chicken breast but beans or organic crumbled cheese can also do the job.


People generally assume that exercises can only help in losing weight but this is just a myth. Combining proper diet with exercises ends up making you look healthy and attractive. Just increasing your daily intake of food will only be effective up to certain extent but exercising helps in utilizing the consumed food into muscle mass which helps in building up the good and healthy body. Listed below are some exercises that will help you in gaining weight properly:

  • Push-ups – This is the best exercise that does not require any weights or anything and can be easily done at home. This exercise is best for gaining weight on the upper body, when bigger muscles are worked upon it works best. Start in high plank position and place your hands on the ground directly under your shoulders. Now ground your toes into the floor. Tighten your abs and straighten your back so that entire body is straight and neutral. Begin to lower your body and keep in mind that your body is in a straight line from head to toe. Now draw your shoulder blades down and back, keeping your elbows very close to your body. Keep your core engaged and exhale as you push back to starting position
  • Swimming – Yes! You read it right, swimming is one such exercise that not only helps in losing weight but is also very effective when it comes to gaining some pounds. When this cardiovascular exercise is practiced diligently, then the person’s appetite gets aggravated. As a result, the person ends up eating more food and causes weight gain.
  • Squats and lunges – Both lunges and squats are the best exercises to gain weight. When you want to put up weight around the calves, back, and quadriceps this is the best option. The largest muscle zone is the area around the legs and one can gain much weight if the lunges and squats are done in proper sets.
  • Pull-ups – Just like push-ups, pull-ups can also be done anywhere but it requires a bar as it becomes more effective when executed with bar. This exercise is also a part of calisthenics. This exercise is very useful for increasing some pounds in the shoulder and chest area.
  • Deadlifts – Place your feet spaced hip-width apart. Your grip should be outside your legs and use an overhand grip. Most importantly your back should be flat with your shoulders back and down. The bar with the weights should remain in contact with your legs for the entire motion. Now move your hips and knees should move together to transfer the bar from the ground to an upper-thigh in a locked position.

Yoga Asanas

Yoga focuses on the enactment of poses with correct pattern of breathing and precision. This not only just caters to increase in weight by reviving the appetite but also relaxes the mind. A relaxed mind is an indirect factor that leads to weight gain. Following Yoga asanas are responsible for gaining weight:

  • Sarvang asana – Sarvang asana or shoulder stand is the yoga pose which involves balancing whole of your body on your shoulders. This asana influences the working of all parts of the body.
  • Vajra asana – Vajra asana or the diamond pose is a sitting asana. It is a kneeling position in which the person has to sit on the heels. It helps in relieving from constipation, facilitates digestion which helps the person to increase his diet, and strengthens the body parts like lower back, thighs and legs.
  • Bhujangasana – Bhujangasana is also known as the cobra pose which is a back bending yoga asana. This asana is blessed with momentous health benefits. It stimulates urinary, digestive and reproductive system. It also helps in regulating the metabolism, thus balancing the weight.
  • Matsyasana – Matsyasana or the fish pose works best when done early in the morning but it can be practiced in the evening too. Before practicing it make sure that your bowels and stomach are empty and there must be at least four hours gap between your meal and exercise. This ensures proper digestion of the food.

Do not let more than 4 hours go without eating

Body is like an engine that requires constant fuel. Skipping meals deprives the body of the fuel that your body requires so your body digs in the muscle mass for the required amount of energy. Regular meals avoid the body from losing and wear and tear of the important tissues in the body. Therefore it is important to have food within the time span of 4-5 hours.

Try shakes and smoothies

Do not go for diet soda, coffee and other drinks that possess few calories and lesser nutrition. Rather, a person interested in increasing weight must shift their focus to smoothies and shakes. Smoothies and shakes are made up of milk and frozen or fresh fruits which are high in nutrition. In some cases, liquid meal can also be recommended.

Following these 5 ways regularly can result in significant result in shorter period of time. These solutions can change the life of the “fed up” skinny person and can provide with the boosted level of self-confidence. Boosted self-confidence can help the person achieve his desired goals.

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