5 Organs in Your Body That Benefit from Regular Exercise

F1Working out regularly offers a variety of benefits in different areas of life. People who work out regularly have greatly reduced chances of becoming ill. Additionally, they feel more energized, focused, vigilant and ready for everyday activities that we all experience. Many people don’t understand the underlying reasons why working out is good. Let’s dig into the benefits of workouts for our body parts and our organs.

Heart and cardiovascular system


The whole cardiovascular system is a mechanism that functions seamlessly as the heart pumps the blood through a variety of arteries and veins. The problem is that, when people lack exercise, the heart becomes less efficient, as it is not as active as it should be. The more you keep your heart active, the stronger it becomes, while the plaque and bad cholesterol keeps going down as more time passes.

As you regularly practice, your cardiovascular system will become healthier, leading to better nutrition of your remote body parts, such as legs and especially the brain. Additionally, as the heart works much easier, the blood pressure and heart rates normalizes, greatly reducing the chance of a heart disease. However, this does not mean that you should stop monitoring blood pressure regularly with your physician.

All of the muscles in your body

Many people start working out to look better, however, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Yes, as long as you work out and you have a proper protein intake, about 1.5-1.8 grams per kg of body weight, your muscles will continue to grow, but what is more important, your muscles are going to become much stronger.

This is going to greatly reduce your chances of becoming injured in case you fall or you are involved in some other type of accident. The muscles are there to protect your internal organs, and by making the muscles stronger, you are keeping your organs safe.

Respiratory system and the lungs


Like other parts of the body, lungs are constantly being exercised as we breathe every day. However, introducing a workout will keep your lungs busy in a more engaging way, offering numerous benefits for other body functions.

Over a longer period of time, your lungs will significantly improve and become capable of taking in more air and absorbing oxygen from the air much more efficiently. Getting oxygen in all parts of the body is very important. Lungs, combined with a healthy cardiovascular system, are directly responsible for maintaining optimal levels of oxygen in our bodies.

The brain

The brain and the whole nervous system are constantly producing serotonin, epinephrine, adrenaline and endorphins. As you exercise, the production of these hormones is greatly increased and hence they are responsible for pain reduction. Many people who suffer from mild, non-clinical pain, find themselves feeling much better after working out for a while.

Additionally, every single process that we perform is controlled by our brain. This is the reason why it also requires a lot of oxygen. Through improving the cardiovascular system, our brain becomes much more efficient, as millions of blood vessels are able to carry enough oxygen. This is very important because we need a lot of concentration for a variety of daily tasks and this becomes much easier when our brains have all that much-needed fuel.



As we age, our bone density reduces and regular exercise is important for keeping our bone density at healthier levels. In fact, all different types of exercise help with strengthening your bones. No matter if the workout of your preference is Yoga, weight lifting, jogging or any other form of exercise, your bones will become much stronger, especially if you include calcium in your nutrition. Achieving this is very important, as you are going to be less likely to experience an injury.

These are the main benefits of exercise for the key parts of our bodies, as well as the organs in our bodies. In case that you were unaware of these facts, you can now understand some direct benefits and reasons why you should definitely start working out.

Jogging for half an hour three times per week is enough to achieve these benefits. Remember though, it is necessary to turn this into your lifestyle, as regular exercise is more like a marathon, the benefits will come after some time if you work out regularly.

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