10 Walking Hacks to Add Steps and Lose Weight

frferferwThe advancement of technology has made our lives easier than ever. No doubt, it has benefited the majority but on the other hand, it has severe downsides too. People are so addicted to such advancements that it’s not easy for them to step back. This all leads us to many health problems as the majority prefers the new innovative ways of spending their lives. Now there are ways through which one cam remains healthy and active without sacrificing for such advancements. For instance, Walking is one such healthy activity which helps our body to burn fat. It may sound ordinary but when one adopts this habit it really helps and does pay off. In order to make this your daily routine, we’ve got some brilliant tips, which will help you in adopting this habit as a daily, routine.

Set a Goal

We all know goals are important and one must work hard to achieve. In order to burn that extra fat, set some goals like 10,000 steps a day etc. This will also motivate you and you won’t step back.

Try some bodyweight exercises

Your main aim is to burn the extra fat your body has, right?

If yes, then there is no harm in trying out any of the bodyweight exercises such as squats or pushups. Not only they’ll shape your body but will also help in burning those extra calories.

Fitness trackers

Fitness trackers can be really helpful here. You can keep track of your performance enabling you to monitor your daily progress. Moreover, you can compete with other too who are using fitness trackers.


One just cannot imagine how socializing helps an individual to adopt such habits.

Your friends, neighbors or colleagues, take them with you on a walk. Their presence will make you feel comfortable. In case you are not that social, your daily walk routine will help you in making new friends. Try them out, the results will get better.

Utilize Those Stairs

You might have heard about this before, but did you try it out?

It’s very simple; always prefer using stairs instead of elevators.

Just make yourself comfortable with those stairs at your office or at a parking lot.

Take a Cup of Green Tea before You Begin

Just like you take a cup of coffee before leaving for the work, take a cup of green tea before you go for walk.

Even in general, green tea helps our body in burning fat so, why not take it before going outside for a walk.

Your Pace Matters Too

When you walk, make sure your body is able to maintain a constant pace for some miles. If you do this regularly your body gets used to that pace and burns fats accordingly.

Utilize Your Toes

Walking isn’t all about just leaving a chair and start using your legs. It’s about how you use your legs to walk. Utilize your toes In order to really make out of our daily walking, even if it’s just an ordinary walk. Put pressure on your toes each time you take a step.

Your Posture

Posture is something which one just cannot compromise on. It even has a lot to with one’s personality.

When you walk, try to maintain straight and constant posture. This will also give you the extra confidence that you are really putting some effort.

Stay Calm

It’s a just walk, nothing too fancy. Just memorize this statement each time you feel it’s too much.

Always try to stay calm and be cool while you are taking those steps.

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