Cristiano Ronaldo-Life Facts, Education and Career of a Champion

Cristiano RonaldoCristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveirois, popularly known as Cristiano Ronaldo are one of the most popular footballers with millions of fan following around the world. He was born in 5th February 1985 in Funchal, Madeira in Portugal. Though his real name was Cristiano Dos Santos Aveiro, but his father’s fascination towards the then president of USA added 5111Ronaldo’ with his name. Cristiano was the top goal scorer with 15 goals in 2002 FIFA world cup and proved to be one of the main players responsible for winning the World Cup Trophy for Brazil. He has become a role model for millions of football aspirants who want to fulfill their dream of becoming a world-class footballer.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Family Background and Education

Cristiano Ronaldo belongs to a very poor family. His father, a gardener by profession, was an alcoholic who ultimately died due to kidney failure. His mother had to face severe hardships to fed her four children namely Katia,Cristiano, Hugo and Elma. There is not much to say about his education, as he never showed interest towards studies. He is a semi literate and a Masters in football.

Early life of Cristiano Ronaldo As a Soccer Player

Ronaldo playing soccer

Ronaldo showed his interest towards football right for the very early age. By the age of ten only, football became his fashion. He would have rather miss his meals but not practicing football. His friends at his age spent time in school and at home. But Cristiano Ronaldo spent most of his time on the field either playing or practicing football.

By the time he reached 20 years of age, he already marked his presence in the world of football strongly. With his extraordinary skills and passion towards football he became an eye-catcher right from the very first day he stepped into International football.

His Career Graph

Cristiano Ronaldo-football

Cristiano Ronaldo shared a long football career with lots of achievements and awards. Check out the achievements that he got within this period:

  • He was hired for €15 million just for the period of 2002-2003. He was offered jersey no 7 but he opted for the number 28 as number 7 was worn by many finest football players. He does not want to have that pressure on him.
  • His first goal while playing for Manchester United came against Portsmouth in the form of a free kick.
  • He was awarded by FIFA Special Young Player of the Year for 10 successful goals in the year 2005.
  • 2006-2007 was the golden period for him. During this period he successfully scored 20 goals and got the league title for his sponsored club.
  • In the year 2006 he was awarded with 5111Barclays Player of the Month’.
  • In 2006 he was the highest goal scorer in the qualifying matches for Fifa World Cup
  • In 2007 itself he scored his 50th goal while playing for Manchester United.
  • 2007-08 was not that good for him as he got a red card and was banned for three games while playing against Portsmouth
  • Newcastle United was brutally defeated by Manchester united and Ronaldo’s first head trick goal came in this particular game only
  • In 2008 he started showing interest playing for Real Madrid. And in the year 2009 he joined real Madrid with a contract of £ 131 million
  • 2013 was his golden year as his 100th goal came in 2nd November 2013 against Rayo Vallecano and got the special victory in 3-2.
  • His contract with Real Madrid successfully started from 2009 and is still continuing in 2014.
  • He got his 400th goal in the current year of 2014 and awarded the Fifa Player of the year in 2014. Some Interesting Fact About Cristiano Ronaldo

Some of the controversies and interesting facts about Cristiano Ronaldo

  • In 2005 he was arrested on allegations of raping a woman in a hotel. Though he was released on bail later on. Later, he stated that it was just an attempt to tarnish his image and distract him from his goal.
  • Manchester united scored their 1000th goal from Cristiano Ronaldo’s kick.
  • Interestingly Rolando has never told the identity of his son’s mother. And kept it a secret till date.
  • He has been found with different models and actress from entertainment world. He was first spotted with English model Alice Goodwin and then again with Gemmna Atkinson.
  • With 2010 New Year he was found to be intimate with Russian model Irina Shayk.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Food Habit

He is found to be not in favor of too much of junk food. He is very particular about his diet chart but sometimes do give relaxation to his diet man me of the diet charts of Cristiano Ronaldo are mentioned below:

  • He loves fish with gilt-head bream and also sea bass along with sword fish.
  • He also has a strong inclination towards fruits. He loves to be on fruits in the morning and as well as at night after dinner.
  • Dessert is one of the main criteria in his food stuff. No meal is complete for him without a tasty sweet delicious dessert dish. For sweet dishes he likes to go with some fruits .
  • In drinks he preferred to go with fruits juices. He normally takes apple, pineapple juices but with different flavor every day.

Every day Exercise of Cristiano Ronaldo


His exercise schedule is very strict and consists of various tough exercises. He sometimes compromises with the food but never with his workout routine. He always maintains his weight under control and focus to have fat-free body always.

Following are the effective work -out routines of Cristiano Ronaldo to be in a perfect shape and size always:

  • His each and every day starts with running and the entire work out program lasts for 3-4 hours every day.
  • He loves to take high powerful spring drill that keeps his heart in powerful condition.
  • He has got specialized trainers to train him the technical skills of football every day.
  • Then he hit gym to have proper buildup muscles to gain more strength and power in the body. In short, Cristiano Ronaldo is a gem of football world and this great footballer with extraordinary skills and tactics cannot be described in a few words. He is grooming and gaining new heights with each and every passing day. His life is found to be highly fascinating and dramatic on and off the field. Football lovers have lots more to see and expect from him in the coming days.

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