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Should Medical Marijuana Be Allowed as a Medical Option?

Medical MarijuanaIn 1972, US congress banned marijuana under collected substance act because this drug had been considered as possessing no accepted medical use. But, since then, 20 out of 50 states in USA have legalized the medical use of marijuana.

Medical use of marijuana:

There are arguments on both positive and negative aspects of marijuana. The doctors who are actually the proponents of medical marijuana claim that this drug can be safe. At the same time, medical marijuana can be effective enough for the symptom of AIDS, multiple sclerosis, cancer, glaucoma, pain, epilepsy and other conditions. Basically, these doctors conducted dozens of studies and thus revealed the fact that marijuana can be an effective medicine! But, in Canada, using medical marijuana is getting famous. In fact, many doctors claim that the medical marijuana helps manage the flashbacks and Canada is manufacturing marijuana products for people so that they can get access to this medication.

On the contrary, there are doctors who are simply opponent of this fact that marijuana can be medically effective. Rather, they claim that this is pretty dangerous drug to use. And legitimizing the use of marijuana is simply unnecessary and harmful. What they claim is that this drug is addictive and harmful. In fact, once you get used to take marijuana, you will tend to get more. At the same time, this will turn out to be a greater hindrance of your fertility. In fact, if medical marijuana is being legalized by the government, it will be an available drug for recreational use.

The effectiveness of medical marijuana:

Well, there is no denying fact that when the issue is to legalize marijuana, there will be many people to oppose this fact. A recent research had been carried out and that revealed the following output regarding medical marijuana.

  • The drug marijuana has got some active components which are meant for treatment. Those active components are effective enough to extravagance pain, vomiting and nausea. So, for these symptoms, marijuana can be an effective drug to use.
  • The AIDS patients have got several symptoms. They mostly loss appetite and are subjected to many other symptoms. These patients are tasted meticulously in the clinical trials. It turned out that the smoked marijuana is an effective medicine for them. The smoke marijuana has got therapy effects. And these effects are typically modest and they are more effective as medicine.

But, at the same time, using marijuana on a regular basis can turn out to be an addiction to people. At that case, this will certainly bring negative impacts. And that is the most fearing part. If the marijuana is being legalized by the government as medical use, we can not guarantee the facts that this can be used as a recreational drug!

Health risk of marijuana:

Marijuana has got a greater health risk. All these risks are related to smoke. Taking marijuana in forms of smoke resembles a primitive drug taking system. But, if you take this on a regular basis, this will be addictive to you. At the same time, once people are addicted to marijuana, that puts severe impact on brain and sperm. Such impacts are going to take place on a slow motion. So, people must have to be careful about this slow poisoning.

On this point, there remains a paradoxical situation whether it is to legalize medical marijuana or not. Even if this is being legalized, it must not be sold without any prescription.

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