Unique Doesn’t Always Equal Autism

When it comes to behavior, extra attention is necessary when children are being diagnosed, analysed and cared for. Kids under the age of six should not be handled as a child who is older and experiencing behavioral issues. There are several underlying circumstances that may not be as easily identified or recognized with younger children.

Due to the fact that every child lives in different circumstances, has different daily routines, and interacts with family differently, each child needs to be evaluated on a one on one basis with several different therapists and counselors. In order to meet these requirements, you need to make sure you have chosen a health center that is able to meet each of these standards.


Our son was different when he was around others

It didn’t take my wife and I long to realize that our son acted differently than other children when he was part of a play group or around other kids. Raising him as an only child, we were blind to some of these differences when he was on his own at home. When the staff at the daycare he was attending told us they would like to speak with us, we knew the issue needed to be addressed.

After taking our child to see a few different doctors and leaving each office even more frustrated and confused than when we went in, we finally scheduled an evaluation for our son at the Gateway Pediatric Therapy Center. As soon as we arrived we were able to tell a difference between this center as opposed to the places we had been in the past.

We came to the realization that it was no longer about finding what the issue with our child was, it was about providing him with the best care. The therapist and counselors at Gateway treated my son as if he were their own. I had never witnessed anyone use both the patience and care with him that my wife and I did.

After seeing him a couple of times at the center, they wanted to see how our child behaved in his normal surroundings. They made a few visits to our home to see how he communicated and behaved when it was just him, my wife and I, compared to how he had been acting when he was in the presence of other children. They were able to pick up on a few things that we had been missing, simply because we had grown accustomed to what was going on.

Finding an answer to our issues

The process and the evaluation method they used required a little more time before any effective treatment or counseling could be given. But, the effectiveness of the process made sure my son would receive the exact care and guidance he needed. While our worst fear was that our child suffered from autism, that simply wasn’t the case.

However, there were some issues concerning the way he interacted with other children and conducted himself around kids younger than him. We began making regular scheduled trips to the center for therapy sessions and with patience, care, and support, the issues slowly began working themselves out.


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