Top 5 Tips to Buy Kratom that’s High-Quality

The expanding interest in kratom in the United States has resulted in a spike in the formation of kratom businesses. While, on one hand, that’s a great thing as it offers buyers a wide range of kratom product choices, it also poses some challenges.

Just think about it. Amazon has pretty much transformed shopping. You can browse through a long list of product options for a range of prices, select one that fits your needs and budget best, and get it delivered straight to your door within just days.

Yet, not everything is perfect and rosy. The platform has tons of low-quality products, inaccurate information, false reviews, and scams, resulting in your purchase being a fail rather than a bargain.

With kratom, things can be quite similar. By selecting a vendor with the lowest prices, you may end up with a product that can cause you severe problems. There are many bad players taking advantage of the growing demand for kratom and scamming buyers.

You can receive a product that is low-quality and inconsistent at best. In the worst case scenario, your kratom can be adulterated, contaminated, or otherwise impure and dangerous.

This is not the kratom that you deserve. What you should always get is a fresh, consistently potent, high-quality, adequately lab-tested product that you can count on. Here are our top tips for how you can buy fresh and high-quality kratom.

Kratom Buying Tips

1. Thoroughly Vet Your Vendors

Before you make a purchase, thoroughly vet the vendors you are considering. Look for reviews, testimonials on forums, as well as for any possible issues a vendor has had problems with.

If you find any record of the company having sold contaminated or adulterated kratom, take that as a red flag. This would mean that they aren’t doing their lab testing or handling properly enough to ensure the purity of their products. Other vendors operate using questionable card processors, resulting in card information being stolen. So, make sure to take a look at any indication of that as well.

Also, make sure that the vendor makes it easy to contact them. If you can’t find an easy way of doing so or their customer service leaves lots of room for improvement, it may be best not to invest your money in them.

Lastly, ensure that their advertising practices are in compliance with the industry. Any flashy packaging, inaccurate wording, or false claims that could hurt the legality of the beneficial herb and should definitely steer you away from a vendor.

2. Buy Online

While buying locally can be convenient, there are several issues with smoke or head shops. First of all, they do not specialize in kratom, may advertise it improperly, as well as have products of questionable quality.

Moreover, prices in local stores tend to be higher as they need to cover shipping, transporting, and overhead costs. All these extra expenses hike up the final price.

Certain online vendors, such as Kraoma, get their kratom directly form the source, with no middleman involved. This results in lower overall pricing. Moreover, they tend to offer regular discounts, promotions, discount bundles, loyalty and affiliate programs which allow you to save in the process.

3. Check the Legalities

First and foremost, you should only buy the herb if it is legal where you live. So, always check the legalities before you buy.

Additionally, look for legislation called the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. It’s a bill that enforces proper kratom testing, adequate labeling, and handling as well as punishes any incompliance with fines or jail time. As opposed to AKA GMP program, which is a purely voluntary buy-in initiative, a vendor can actually go to jail if they fail to comply with the KCPA.

Four states in the US have already passed the KCPA – Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and Georgia. So, if you can find vendors based in these states (hint – Kraoma is one of them, based in Nevada), your chances of getting impure kratom drastically lower.

4. Go for Midrange Prices

While you may find lower kratom costs appealing, don’t fall for the trap. Cheap powder means that the vendor is likely compromising something in their service, such as not testing each batch properly or putting questionable kratom on sale when they should have discarded it.

Just in the same way, you shouldn’t go for the most expensive products either. There are absolutely jacked up prices on the market and they do not necessarily guarantee a better product.

Some of the most reliable vendors out there offer midrange prices. This allow them to get some of the best powder form Indonesia as well as covers all the costs needed for proper third-party lab testing and handling to ensure purity.

5. Try Samples First

Some vendors offer samples as a way to let buyers experiment before making a larger purchase. Those are normally for a small charge such as the shipping fee. You can try different strains as well as get an insight into how good or bad their customer service is.

Final Words

With kratom, you should always be cautions. The herb is not regulated at federal level, and it’s up to you to carefully select a vendor to buy from. Be sure to take your time and don’t hesitate to try a few to see what they have to offer.

If you have any questions, please ask below!