Things to Remember While Using Mortuary Cots

dsdWhat are the most important things that you need in a mortuary?

You may need a mortuary table. It is used for the embalming of the dead body in the mortuary. And if you can find a good mortuary table, the process of embalming becomes easier for the experts. In fact, a hydraulic embalming table is one of the best for this activity. Besides, there are also other things, which are necessary in a mortuary, such as the instruments for embalming, the stretchers, and so on. But in addition to all these, it is also necessary to find the right kind of mortuary cots, which are going to be placed on the stretchers. These are the cots in which the dead bodies are going to be carried. So, you need to select them properly.

What things do you need to keep in mind while selecting the mortuary cots?

Here's a quick sneak peek at some of things that you should remember.

Must be Strong Enough to Carry Bodies

The mortuary cots are going to be used for carrying the dead bodies. And the weight of the bodies might differ a lot. While some of them might be quite light, there are likely to be bodies, which are heavily built. So, it is necessary for the cots to be strong. In fact, the legs of the cots must be properly manufactured to ensure that they are not damaged while carrying the bodies on them.

Add the Accessories

When you have a mortuary cot, you should try to go for all other accessories, which are needed to make the cot function properly. For example, a mattress is a must before you are putting a body on to the mortuary cot. And the mattress should also be covered properly by a cloth. In many of the cots, the mattress is heat sealed. So, you might go for such a cot as well when you are purchasing one for the hospital.

Check the Height on the Stand

What is the height of the mortuary cot that you are planning to buy? It is essential for the cot to have a proper height. That's because the cot needs to be erected to ensure that the body is placed properly on it while embalming. So, it should reach the perfect height where the embalmer can easily handle the corpse.

Are the Belts There?

When you are purchasing the mortuary cots, you need to check that there are proper belts attached to them. Wondering why you are going to need the belts? They are going to come in handy when you are transporting the dead bodies from one place inside the mortuary to another. You can attach the body to the cot in a proper manner. Otherwise, it is likely to fall off the bed when you are carrying it from one spot to another.

Find the Best Material at the Right Price

The mortuary cots come at a wide range of prices. When you are planning to buy a mortuary cot, it is essential that you do some research, both online as well as offline. It will help you find the best suppliers for mortuary cots. Moreover, do some research about the product you are being sold as well. This will help you find the mortuary cots, which are likely to come at the most affordable prices. The material has to be the best as well. That's because you will need to carry bodies of different sizes as well as weights on it.

The cots are among the most important components of a mortuary. So, it is essential to add some of them to the mortuary. And if you are planning to do that, following these few steps are surely going to help a lot.


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