Things to Remember while Choosing Hospital Stretchers

Stretchers form one of the prime needs in hospitals, the basic apparatus for moving the patients in need for care.

Choosing the stretcher is one of the most critical concerns when it comes to expansion of your facilities or replacement of existing equipment. The availability of various alternatives makes choosing an option significantly more difficult.

Here are a few factors that you may consider while choosing a medical stretcher for your hospital.

Easy to Clean

You will be required to clean as well as properly maintain hospital stretchers. Thus, it is imperative to check out whether they are easy to clean and maintain before you move on with the purchase decision. Apart from cleaning, you need to disinfectant the stretcher as well.

The most significant aspect of stretcher cleaning and disinfecting it lies in getting rid of the blood as well as other bacteria transferring fluids. You need to get rid of the dust particles as well that get caught in the casters.

Checking whether the stretcher is easy to clean is crucial especially if you have a high turnover of patients since in that case, you can't afford to lose much time in cleaning the stretcher.

Inclusion of Essential Functionality

Regardless of whether it is a mortuary stretcher provided to you by a mortuary equipment supplier or the ambulance stretchers, you need to ensure that it comes in with an array of functions so that the patient gets maximum comfort and you can use it conveniently.

Choice of mattress is also a significant concern while you upgrade your hospital supplies. There are an array of options here as well so find the stretchers hosting mattresses that are easy to clean and offers maximum comfort to the patients.

Also check out on the maximum load capacity before you move on to make the purchase.

Ease in Handling

Apart from being extremely durable, the medical stretchers need to be lightweight as well to allow the caregivers maximum convenience while transferring the patients.

Check out whether the handles are placed optimally to offer you a proper grip.

See out whether it comes with durable tie straps and wheel locks and is friction free to ensure maximum convenience.

In most cases, while purchasing the hospital supplies, a number of stretchers are bought at a given point of time. You have to stack them properly since you won't use all the stretchers always. Make sure they are easy to stack and store before making a purchase in bulk.


Stretchers are used for individuals who require the monitoring of caregivers and occasional restraint. Some patients are in the risk of falling from the stretcher, especially the ones suffering from cognitive impairment or dementia. The children also have higher chances to fall from the stretcher. If you purchase the transportation trolleys that come with bed rails, you can cut down the risk of fractures caused by falls substantially.

How Can You Maintain Your Stretcher To Help it Remain Usable for Long?

Purchasing the hospital stretchers are a major investment. It is crucial to take steps to help it remain usable for long. Here are a few tips you can observe to maintain your stretcher.

  • Train your staff properly so that they do not mishandle the stretcher and operate it keeping in mind the manufacturer guidelines.
  • Clean and disinfectant the stretchers regularly.
  • Never neglect in case your stretcher has a minor issue like one of the handles is coming loose. Get in touch with the manufacturer as soon as possible so that the necessary steps can be taken without delay.
  • Store the stretchers properly when it is not in use. You may risk damaging it in case you do not store it properly.
  • Subject the stretchers to routine inspection. This will aid in the identification of problems sooner.
  • Develop a maintenance schedule.

Observing these strategies will keep the stretchers usable for significantly long.

You have the right to plan hospital care facilities. Make sure to check out on the above discussed concerns while you buy stretchers for your hospital. This will help you to make a better purchase.


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