The Top 5 Medical Apps for Doctors to follow in 2019

“Universal coverage, not medical technology, is the foundation of any caring health care system.” –Richard Lamm

Technology is the base of any advancement we implement today, and this is universally true for the medical sector. The days when doctors needed to rely upon patient logs and paper reports to make any choice for the patient’s treatment are long gone. Thanks to technological advancements like real-time medical data sharing and top medical apps for doctors, the healthcare industry has revolutionized and become portable and easily accessible.

mHealth apps are turning out to be a very popular and progressive patient care platform among medical representatives as well as patients. Also, with new medical wearables like fitness bands, smart inhalers, and many more, doctors are realizing the potential of mHealth apps and how it can ease their work and save lives.

The most recent medical applications for Android and iOS are changing the way doctors and other medical professionals used to work. If you are planning to manufacture a healthcare mobility solution for doctors or use such mobile apps in your medicinal practice. You are in the right place. We have covered a wide range of medication apps for Android and iOS in our list of top medical apps for doctors.

The Best Medical Apps for Doctors

According to Zion Market Research, the market for mHealth will reach $102.43 billion this year. The class incorporates everything from your calorie counter site to mobile apps. With this development, how would you filter through all the patient and wellness-focused applications to discover ones that may indeed be useful in a clinical setting?

Fortunately, I’ve done the legwork for you. The following is a rundown of the best medicinal applications for doctors, in light of audits and number of downloads.

Figure 1

Which is the best medical app for doctors? Figure 1 is a solid contender. This app is a social networking app only for images. Consider Figure 1 as the Instagram for doctors, but this app is for professional use. Doctors can share medical images with other medical professionals and comment, discuss the image to get a second opinion.

This app is perfect for doctors who are looking for feedback on a rare condition or medical case of some patient. Also, they can share images from rare medical books and cases. The app guarantees patient privacy with features like face-blocking and image blurring any region that can be identified.


Medscape is one of the top medical apps for doctors that keep them updated with the latest news and findings in the medical field. But this mHelath app is more than just a glorified news app for doctors, it’s a complete digital guide for doctors where they can look up drug information, check disease symptoms, identify various medications, multiple drug interaction checker that can inform if a drug can cause any kind of reaction to the patient.

Medscape offers the latest news reports regarding various medical topics. It also provides access to guidelines and prescriptions information for about 8000 drugs. Medscape delivers a tool to visually identify various pills and more than 600 dosage calculators. Besides all these latest information, this best online app also provides formulary information and directories of physicians and pharmacies.


PEPID is a clinical decision support tool that helps doctors to diagnose and treat patients without leaving the point of care. This app is being used by countless practitioners in more than 150+ countries. The cherry on the top is that this app can be used even without accessing the internet. This app provides access to 3000+ disease profiles and clinical conditions including Hi-Definition radiographic images, descriptive illustrations, and medicine pill photos.

PEPID has the most detailed drug database. The ease of use for this app trumps all the other apps, just feed in the patient’s symptoms and lab results and the app determines the accurate diagnosis for the patient. PEPID is free to use and available for both; iOS and Android users. Practitioners also receive Continuing Medical Education Credits while treating patients.


Epocrates is a subscription-based Clinical Decision Support Tool (CDST) app is updated regularly with the latest medical innovations and researches and discoveries. Also, the doctors can connect with each other via the app through the text service called Athena Text. Epocrates can be accessed by doctors on their desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

The array of features that make ePocrates one of the best healthcare apps for doctors are Symptom Checker, Disease Database, Clinical Guidelines, Medication Database, Drug References, and Medicine Specific Calculator, amongst many others. Epocrates e-health app is improving health care on a global scale with more than a million health care providers accessing this app in their daily profession.


It is a new healthcare smart app developed by the same team that brought you Epocrates. This app is a private networking platform for physicians. It is free for all doctors on iPhone, Android, and the web. Doximity is designed to eliminate time wasted on trying to communicate and offers the network and necessary tools to easily collaborate on patient care with any doctor across all medical settings.

The doctors build and edit their own profile, so the chance of error in the database becomes virtually zero. The users can also send secure faxes and encrypted messages related to medical cases that meet HIPAA requirements. Other features of this best online app help you connect with leading hospital employers, search jobs, and compare salaries.


We understand what a huge burden it is to be responsible for other people’s lives. This blog is dedicated to all the lifesavers out there in the world and a try to ease your burden with these small trinkets of technological marvels. If you have an idea to build a similar medical app for doctors, then you must contact an expert medical app development company for the same.

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