The Psychology of Cosmetic Surgery in Perth

Those who are alert may be aware that the promotion of cosmetic surgery in Australia has introduced some ethical issues in this area. These ethical issues have caused Australians not to trust their local professionals in cosmetic surgery, and things are not very different in Perth. However, Australia is a considerably developed nation, and some things you may have heard regarding cosmetic surgery here may not necessarily be true.

Healing is the duty of all those in the medical profession; they actually take an oath never to harm a patient but always to heal wherever possible and at whatever cost. Many Australians in Perth need help that cosmetic surgery can provide, but mental blocks hinder them.

Discussions have been circulating regarding the credibility and reliability of cosmetic surgery in Australia. Therefore, some people even prefer to go abroad for cosmetic surgery as they feel they cannot trust the professionals in the country. The problem arises from the fact that most cosmetic surgery advertisements illustrate models who are not real. They use actors to portray a before and after results of the procedure, instead of real patients with real results. If the before and after illustrations you are seeing are not real, how are you supposed to know whether the procedure is reliable?

Moreover, some cosmetic surgery advertisements give the audience the impression that they are not beautiful enough the way they are unless they do the procedure to change a feature or two. Reality Shows make it even worse by reinforcing the concept that cosmetic surgery may be necessary for one to look beautiful according to social norms. Nevertheless, think about it, who establishes these societal norms? Who is it that says ‘A’ is beautiful and ‘B’ is not? Shakespeare was very right when he stated, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. This angle of thought is very true, but very few people seem to realize or understand its significance.

Professionals in a cosmetic clinic in Perth make it clear that before an individual is considered qualified for cosmetic surgery, they first determine the real reason behind them wanting to do the procedure. Only when the procedure will help the individual by either boosting their self-esteem or genuine medical reasons will they deem the individual qualified. In the event, they determine that an individual has psychological issues, then not even the best professionals in cosmetic surgery or non-surgical medical treatments can help them.

Who needs cosmetic surgery? A teenager who feels insecure because her peers say she is not hot enough or someone with a deformity or blemish from an accident or natural birth? Maybe both, maybe none. The only thing that determines whether either needs cosmetic surgery is their perception of their situation. If an individual is born with blemish and it does not bother them, regardless of what others say or think, that individual will always be okay and comfortable in their skin. On the other hand, no matter how many times you tell an esthetically pleasing person that they are beautiful, if they don’t see it themselves, nothing will change their mind.

If you genuinely would like to change how a particular feature in your body looks, then cosmetic surgery will work wonders for you. The professionals in Perth are just as capable as the best professionals in cosmetic surgery anywhere else in the world.

However, it is true that you must work with only the best in the industry. Whenever surgery of any kind is involved, the chances are that one’s life may be at risk. Remember that doctors are supposed to heal and not harm. You are looking for help and relieve; not to make things worse for yourself.

Don’t make decisions based on advertisements; everyone knows they are either fake or exaggerated. Reality TV is just plain old television; mostly meant for entertainment. You should be wise enough not to confuse reality with fiction. Consider what you need or what your friend or family needs and make your decision based on that.

Cosmetic surgery is meant to enhance your life; not to make it worse. Know where to draw the line and only go for the procedure when and if it is necessary.

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