The Priciest Rehab Programs In The US

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Although there are many different types of rehab programs for various types of illnesses, drug rehabilitation centers sport the most expensive programs in the United States. While there are rehabilitation programs all throughout the nation, the most expensive rehabilitation centers are meant solely for the rich and famous.

With celebrities often checking into these centers when they have a run-in with the law, they want to live as extravagantly as they do while at home. Some centers thrive on their luxurious amenities while others offer relaxing activities while checked in like yoga, swimming and tennis.

Promises-Malibu, Calif.
Starting out the list is Promises. This drug rehabilitation clinic is located on an estate in Malibu, Calif. that has a wonderful view of the Pacific Ocean. Started in 1997, this center boasts privacy for all of its clients with a maximum capacity of 24 patients at any given time spread throughout three amazing mansions on the property.
Anyone staying at this luxurious rehab center is treated to gourmet meals and gym time to work off stress and anxiety as well as hiking trails. Because of the privacy promised and luxurious style of this rehabilitation center, a stay can run anywhere from $33,000 to $49,000 a month.

Wonderland-Los Angeles, Calif.
The price to stay in this amazing rehab center is a staggering $58,000 per month. With rooms boasting high ceilings, wonderful beds and incredibly scenery due to it’s location in the Laurel Canyon area of L.A., it’s no wonder that many celebrities prefer Wonderland for their rehabilitation.
The facility also boasts two swimming pools and a lounge area located outdoors. Because of the number of celebrities that have attended Wonderland, they also offer a support program titled “Set and Tour Support.” Any celebrity making use of this program will have a member of the facility follow them to ensure that they behave while working.

The Dunes-East Hampton, N.Y.
The Dunes is the priciest rehabilitation program in the United States. The recommended stay in this facility is 90 days and will cost approximately $105,000 for the duration. However, the cost isn’t high for no reason.
This rehabilitation center boasts an incredible array of activities for any of the patients to participate in. With activities including pool time, tennis and a gym for working out as well as relaxation in the form of personal massages, you’d feel as though you were being treated like a king during your stay. The facility also boasts Internet connectivity throughout the area as well as personal trainers and meals designed around your personal needs.

Effectiveness of the Programs

Regardless of how long of a stay anyone would need in one of these fabulous rehabilitation programs in the United States, you can bet they’ll certainly be catered to throughout their stays. With the rich and extravagant lives that celebrities and the rich lead, it’s no wonder that they’d get the absolute best treatment and facilities during the rough times in their lives.
This isn’t to say that celebrities just “live it up” while attending these facilities, either. Many celebrities have beaten their addictions through the use of programs just like these. While it’s easy for people to dismiss luxurious rehabilitation programs as a simple getaway, they’ve played a vital part in the rehabilitation of many stars throughout the years.

Rhonda Pilgrim is a substance abuse counselor who contributed to the new guide to the top 10 best online rehab counseling degree programs.

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