The Pharmaceutical Industry According to Jared Wheat

Pharmaceutical IndustryOne man who has caused a transformation in the pharmaceutical industry is the President and CEO of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Mr. Jared Robert Wheat. He is responsible for millions of online diet supplements including weight loss and sexual performance medication. On this interview, he gives his experience in the pharmaceutical industry and highlights areas of his life from where he drives his motivation

Q: Who is Jared R. Wheat?

Jared Wheat: I am a middle aged guy, born and brought up in Alabama. I grew up as an average student but with special skills in maths and sports. My dream, which never came true, was to become a teacher like my mother Carol Wheat.

Q: How did you get in to the pharmaceutical industry?

Jared WheatJared Wheat: Having grown to love sports, I was once transferred to a school where I was not welcome to play. The coaches had already made up his minds on who the point guard and starting tailback should be. The school was however laced with Ecstasy which I found myself into. I was jailed for 32 months for selling Ecstasy, from where I got the Idea of H-Tech Pharmaceuticals. I later started two nutritional companies that were helping people get assistance with their bodies. Being a workaholic, I dedicated myself to acquiring raw materials, mixing product lines and ensuring the manufacturing plant runs on tome. These companies later translated into hi-tech pharmaceuticals.

Q: Are your products standard?

Jared Wheat: I operate with an expert team of scientists and technicians who help come up with improved analytical methods for the highest degree of accuracy. We recently expanded our laboratory facilities to include two Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometers and five high performance liquid chromatographs among other facilities. We operate with the highest degree of control to produce products that are both standard and harmless to people.

Q: Tell us about hi-tech pharmaceuticals

Jared Wheat: Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is a successful company that manufactures and supplies quality herbal products and provides alternative health solutions to people. We hold a key position as the market leaders in the innovation of proprietary, natural and preventive products. We have a portfolio of about 45 nutritional supplements covering areas of fat loss, strength and muscle development, health care and sexual performance. Our products are found in nature and backed by science. The difference between our product and other products in the market is the scientific excellence we put in the products. One thing that every customer notices with our products is that they work, no matter the situation. The motivating goal of our company is to improve the quality of life by responding to nutrition demands for both men and women to foster active lifestyles and great body condition.

We package our products as bottled medication, pills, drops and capsules. The company allows its products to run through other suppliers so that we can address a larger customer audience. It is also critical to note that we take responsibility for every product we release into the market.

Q: Are your products legal?

Jared Wheat: We sell both regulated and unregulated products. As a key player in the industry, I noted a gap between human needs and product regulations and hence decided to do the right thing. We manufacture all sorts of helpful products and sell them depending on the government regulatory standards of specific countries. In our online stores, customers from different parts of the world can access our products in line with their specific regulatory standards.

Final remarks

The pharmaceutical industry has suffered lots of limitations because of their inability to develop true solutions to people. If both mainstream and herbal suppliers could judge their standard based on product performance, there would be a revolution in the world of pharmaceuticals.

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