The Connections between Healthcare Marketing and B2B Sales

The B2B health and medical sector is a lucrative space in which to be spelling. Those B2B sales and marketing teams tasked with selling products and services are part of an industry where the spend is more than $2.3 trillion in the US alone.

The Canadian market has equal potential, so it’s vital for sales professionals to develop best practices when it comes to connecting their healthcare marketing to their B2B sales targets. A good starting place to make those sales happen is taking a subscription to a credible online physician directory.

Connecting Proper Data To B2B Medical Sales

There are a lot of potential targets for B2B sales and marketing teams. Hospitals, clinics, physician practices, medical equipment developers, software and IT solution providers, and of course, pharmaceutical companies.

This is a sector that champions innovation and embraces change; as a B2B service or product provider you have to stay on top of the latest trends to remain a relevant choice for potential customers. Many of these customers can be found in platforms like the Alberta physicians directory, the Ontario physician directory, or any of the other comprehensive, data-rich platforms currently available from MD Select.

Your healthcare marketing needs a clear target to be successful; searching through the MD Select physician database is a simple way to connect the dots between the marketing you need to do and the customers you want to attract.

These are high-value prospects currently working in the industry, over 91,000 doctors, physicians, nurse practitioners, administrators, clinic operators, medical organization personnel, and more. Searching the physician database is an excellent place to find the leads you need to keep your sales funnel constantly overflowing.

The real key is developing the best marketing outreach to connect with these individuals, many of whom control large, taxpayer funded medical budgets. It’s like catching fish in a barrel; however, these fish are very elusive. Reaching such high-profile doctors and medical professionals can be difficult.

Without accurate contact information, even a top B2B sales rep would have difficultly maneuvering through the layers of bureaucracy often found in medial organizations to get through to the right individuals. That’s why a physician directory is so vital to help connect your marketing to your sales efforts.

The MD Select Alberta physician’s directory, for example, lists all the current contact information, including name, address, location, and phone number for doctors all across Alberta. The Ontario physician directory does the same for Ontario targets.

You get all that contact information, along with graduating university, area of medical specialty, and more important demographic information. The information in MD Select provides the solid building blocks you need to develop a laser-focused marketing plan to target these prospects.

Is Your B2B Sales Team A Good Fit For Medical Health Marketing?

Developing an ideal customer profile or buyer persona is a helpful way to determine which way your marketing should be focused. For pharma companies, medical equipment manufacturers, retail pharmacies, and private medical practices, the potential B2B customer segment is large but highly focused.

You wouldn’t ever target your marketing to the local variety store chain if you were selling X-ray equipment, for example. Your B2B efforts need to be focused on developing direct relationships with customers, and to do that you need to know who they are and where they are.

That’s the primary benefit of a subscription to MD Select’s physician directory. Sales teams could spend months trying to develop the kind of contact list and demographic information on potential prospects they can find in minutes using MD Select. For lead generation in the medical and healthcare industry there is no better product.

Monetizing your marketing efforts is the ultimate measure of success. B2B sales and marketing teams that develop integrated outreach plans that combine digital, inbound, outbound, broadcast, and other marketing platforms are going to develop the most well-rounded campaigns.

However, throwing huge amounts of money into campaigns that cast a wide net are not productive in the B2B marketing world targeting healthcare and medical professionals. As big as the market potential can be, marketing to this sector is still more effective when it’s conducted with a niche mentality.

Not all medical products and service can provide solutions to the needs and problems medical professionals are facing. During COVID-19, for example, everyone needed PPE and sanitizer; not all professionals were looking to buy new equipment. Marketing in this sector has to be focused in content, and it has to key in on the right targets.

MD Select helps markets find those targets. It’s easier to connect the dots between your marketing and your potential clients when you have the information available through the physician directory.

It’s just one tool, much like emerging mobility solutions are another. However, the data in MD Select is exceptional for lead generation, and without constant leads your B2B marketing prospects will dry up. Keep your eyes on the future with help from MD Select.

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