Telemedicine: When Technology Comes To The Rescue!

From 1900 to date, the field of medicine has gone to new heights through technology. The use of MRI, CT-Scan, etc. presents what modern treatment looks like. Furthermore, X-Rays present a different methodology to learn the defects in the patient. To mix them up, you can use the word ‘telemedicine’. Telemedicine reflects treating the patients without making physical contact. And weight loss telemedicine is the most in-demand treatment that people are carrying out.

What is Phentermine?

In weight loss, the patients use a lot of medications to treat body fat. In essence, doctors offer a wide variety of medicines and treatment methodologies to improve their health. However, one particular medicine gets the best attention known as phentermine. Phentermine acts as an amphetamine. In addition, it works on your nervous system. Thus, an over dosage can result in side effects. However, their consumption occurs through the mouth for a few days and the results begin to appear.

What is Wegovy?

Another popular and common weight loss medication goes by the name of wegovy. This is a strong medical drug that goes into your body through an injection. Its use offers the best results alongside phentermine. However, like all weight loss medicines. A proper diet and exercising routine is all you need to develop and show considerable results.

How Do Phentermine and Wegovy Work?

Weight loss telemedicine phentermine program begins through medication after you hold an online appointment with your doctor. Telemedicine is using technology to communicate with your doctor over time. It happens without appearing physically in front of them. Moreover, what your doctor does is transfer your prescription to a pharmacy. And the bill is then added to your insurance. But this is the financial and technological side of the treatment.

On the treatment side, phentermine is a drug just like wegovy. The utilization of phentermine occurs through tablets that go into your body through your mouth. Whereas that of wegovy occurs through injection. However, like every drug, there is a possibility of side effects if the consumption becomes too high. Hence, their consumption occurs for a few days in a gradual amount. Phentermine works easily and through a simple phenomenon.

It is like eating a suppressant than a tablet. While you intake a tablet, it reduces your appetite for food. In addition, it causes to lower your hunger considerably. The working phenomenon of wegovy is identical. Its purpose is to reduce the efficiency of your brain cells that make you feel hungry. While you eat less, there is less diet going into you and thus your body receives low fat.

Around 90 to 95 percent of the weight gain is due to fat around your body. And to reduce fat, phentermine and wegovy help the best. These medicines reduce your fat alongside downsizing your hunger and appetite for food. In medical terms, these drugs increase the neurotransmitter levels in your brain.

Three neurotransmitters work in your brain:

  1. Norepinephrine
  2. Serotonin
  3. Dopamine

These three chemicals work in your brain to send you signals and messaging. Once they operate low, there is no hunger appetite rising, and neither do you think that way.

Doctor’s Advice

Your doctor will advise you the best when taking such medicines. Often, doctors advise their patients to pause the use of phentermine and wegovy for some time and then resume it again. This is to make sure if the medicine acts accordingly or if the dosage is too high. In essence, often doctors advise their patients to cancel the medication if there is no weight loss in three months.


On average, a person weighing 90kg or 200 pounds shows a weight loss of around 5-7%. However, on average, the weight loss has a percentage of 3 for the first three months. And that of 5 to 7 for six months. This is in the case of phentermine’s usage.

However, during the medication of wegovy, a weight loss of around 12% occurs. But this happens on the consumption of 68 weeks. For a patient that weighs around 210 to 22 pounds, the weight loss percentage is around 27 on average.

The Benefits of Telemedicine

Telemedicine technology not only favors the patients but also the doctors that treat them. It is something that benefits all the parties.

For patients, the benefits include:

  • No time losses at works as everything is online
  • There are no chances of disruption since you sit completely in your room
  • Considerable reduction in expenses as you do not have to spend while traveling to your doctor
  • In case of contagious illness such as COVID, you do not contribute to traveling and transmitting

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