Spinal Cord Operation Success Rate in India

Spinal-Cord-SurgeryBack pain problems is one of the most reported issues to today's doctors. As per reports, around 80 percent of patients today experience back pain issues, which they opt for different treatment options. A majority of these problems is due to some issues in the spinal code. Though for most of the people, the pain can subside naturally without the urge for surgery, while the remaining will need a good kind of medication and care along with treatment options like spinal cord operation in order to get rid of the problems.

What is Spinal Cord Operation?

Spinal Cord operation or simply spine surgery basically is an invasive pain reducing system, which is carried out with the help of competent surgeons and doctors using a number of instruments in order to make certain incisions to repair several damaged tissues in the spine. To put in other words, the spinal cord surgery comprises of back and neck surgery, which is also called as an advanced treatment option for disability and pain due to issues like identifiable lesion in the anatomy of patients, which has not properly enhances with the help of non-surgical treatment options. Though spinal arthritis can be chronic, however, the symptoms can be called as rarely progressive and do often need surgical procedure over the painful spinal joints.

Candidate for Spinal Cord Operation

Surgery is often considered at the last option for obvious reasons and spinal cord operation is no exception. Once you have tried all the options of non surgical options for your back and neck pain due to spinal cord issues, then you have to head for the required surgical procedure. So a candidate who has been witnessing pain from 6 to 12 months and have tried all the non-surgical option, then you become the perfect candidate for the said procedure. There are certain conditions, which need this surgery, which include spinal stenosis, degenerative scoliosis and sciatica. The decision to opt for the surgery would be individual depending upon the recommendation of the doctor and patients' symptoms.

Benefits of Spinal Cord Operation

Opting for the spinal cord operation can bring in a couple of benefits, which can be availed once you get the same. These include the following

  • Surgery is the best method to make you free from the back pain and other back problems.
  • You enjoy a pain-free and peaceful life.
  • And lastly, you do not even find any kind of postoperative pain as well.

Spinal Cord Operation in India

India is one of the leading countries in Asia to get the maximum number of medical tourists for a number of surgical procedures including spinal cord operation. Apart from the cost effective solutions for various medical conditions and ailments, the other important factor, which drives the global patients to India is the high-quality healthcare services. These healthcare services are found out par with the global benchmark often witnessed at developed nations like the US or the UK. India has rich and modern spine care and orthopaedic hospitals, which are equipped with state of art facilities and amenities that remain instrumental in an effective treatment of various patients.

Spinal Cord Operation Success Rate in India

India is also known for the high success rate of spinal cord operation not just in Asia but all across the world. The success rate for majority of surgical procedure is more than 96-99 percent, which is also one of the key reasons to attract medical tourists based in different nations. This figure conforms to the global benchmarks thanks to the highly qualified and experienced spine surgeons and medical team, which leave no stone unturned to give the medical tourists the best and high-quality healthcare solutions. The healthcare infrastructure in India is rich in terms of facilities and amenities unlike seen in developed nations. Together all these factors contribute in getting higher success rates and that too affordable cost.

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