Smile Forever! Dentists & Sedation Dentistry Can Help You Alleviate Dental Phobia & Fear

sedation-dentistryWith fear and anxiety, no one has ever achieved anything in life and if you fear visiting a dentist and going through a dental treatment, you can't achieve oral health either.

While dental phobia and fear is a universal phenomenon, 9% to 20% of Americans fear seeing a dentist. However, if you think ignoring dental problems and not seeing a dentist is fine, you must check the following horror story:

A 48-year-old woman was so terrified and phobic that she performed do-it-yourself dentistry and used glue to hold her teeth as they came out. This way she avoided visiting the dentist, but his self-dentistry and fear contributed to poor oral health. Not only her teeth looked ugly, but affected her appearance too. She avoided seeing the dentist for 10 years.

It wasn't the DIY dentistry only that impaired her teeth, but the extreme fear of dental procedures too that she had since her childhood.

Like her, there are many men, women and children who fear sitting on the dental chair, but there is, really, no escape because ignoring problems leads to poor oral health. Nevertheless, since dental anxiety is common worldwide, dentists think there are several ways, which can help manage patients' anxiety during dental procedures.

Have a Chat with Dentist:
First of all, you should know that dentists aren't your enemy. Their job is to listen your dental problems and alleviate your pain. It is, thus, important that you visit your dentist and discuss the dental issues and your fears with them. A discussion and conversation with the dentist allows one to feel less distressed.

Ask the dentist about dental procedures as it will make you feel less anxious. If you think knowing the details would make you feel more anxious, ask the dentist to not tell you anything.

Tell your dentist if you want him to stop the procedure for a while, or when you want to catch your breath, etc.

While talking with the dentist will help you feel less anxious, the dentists will be able to determine the workable solutions.

Distract Yourself :
An easy way to let go fear is distracting yourself with something pleasant during dental procedures. For instance, you can listen to songs with your headphones.

However, such distractions don't work if one has severe dental phobia. Eventually, dentists prefer sedation dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry :
Sedation dentistry is tailored at anxious and nervous patients, which allows them to relax during dental treatments. While the purpose of sedation dentistry is to induce a state of relaxation, it is effective to manage anxiety and fear of patients too. Nitrous Oxide and Intravenous sedation are common forms of sedation used by dentists. Both types of sedation make one feel relaxed and stress-free. Intravenous dentistry, however, is used in extensive dental procedures, but it is crucial for extremely anxious patients too.

Besides sedation dentistry, dentists use other relaxation techniques and therapies too since it is very important to control patients' anxiety and fear for improved oral health. However, dentists, too, need patients' cooperation which they can provide just by visiting them and discussing their fears and anxieties.

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