Root Canal Treatment: Is it Safe for You?

The dental problems have become common these days irrespective of the age group, one such treatment include root canal treatment. A root canal therapy deals with repairing and thus saving the infected or badly damaged tooth. This treatment option deals in removing the damaged area inside the tooth or the pulp and thus cleaning and thus disinfecting it along with sealing and filling it. One of key reasons affecting the pulp are the cracked tooth or deep cavity, which can be settled down with the help of tooth trauma. The term root canal simply explains about cleaning the canals found inside the root of the tooth. If you feel that you simply need a root canal, better consult a competent dentist who follows a number of steps in a couple of visits.


Signs & Symptoms for the need of root canal procedures

There are several signs that can indicate the presence of diseased tooth or the infected nerves and hence can be required for a procedure called root canal. Well, let's check these signs, which are as under:

  • The least is the severe pain while you chew or exert pressure over your teeth
  • Too much of tooth discoloration (darkening)
  • Issues like swelling and irritation found over the gum tissues
  • The signs of infection that is visible over a radiograph
  • Persistent/recurring pimple over the gums

Your dentist can typically recommend you the procedure of root canal in the above said situations in order to save your affected tooth and thus preserve its functionality as well.

Tips when having Pain After Root Canal Treatment

Once you have your root canal treatment, keep in mind the following tips to have a soothing effect after the procedure:

  • Consumer the recommended antibiotics by the dentist: A majority of teeth that needs a root canal would be painful to start with. It is usually normal for any tooth, which has had the endodontic procedure once the root canal recovery process starts. You are supposed to consume medication, which need at least 1-2 days of the consumption of the same.
  • Consume anti-inflammatory medications to get rid of relieve: When you find the tooth getting infected and you need a root canal procedure. You experience a trauma in the fibers that would need some time to recover after the surgery.
  • Give your tooth enough time to settle and become comfortable: People having this procedure can often have a pain called ghost pain unlike experiencing the same with other procedures like removing the other portions of our body. This pain can be diminished in a shorter duration of time and thus is seen going away once for all, however, such situation is really unique.
  • Avoiding eating tough or hard and crunchy foods after this procedure: Once you have the root canal procedure, make sure you consume soft foods and chew the same so that you experience les amount of discomfort and pain while chewing the same. However, having a hard food can lead to cracks or facture creating more problems and pain with it.
  • Get a crown that can maintain the root canal along with making it functional: This can be called as the last step or tip to consider a root canal procedure wherein you end up placing a crown. When the tooth requires root canal, and to avoid decay and filling and prevent the same from getting complication like fracture, crown can help you a lot.


If you have any questions, please ask below!