Pituitary Tumour Surgery and Treatment-an Introduction

Pituitary-Adenoma_937As we all know the endocrine system comprises of glands, which is known to secrete certain chemicals known as hormones in our blood. These glands are of pea size in nature and structure, which can be even called as a master gland in terms of function and features inside human body. It's location is just below the base of our brain and above the nose, which speaks the function and importance in our body. It regulates a number of other glands seen over the endocrine system and thus keeps the level of hormones in the check. These glands are managed by releasing substances of inhibitory elements, which are then sent out by the hypothalamus. However, with a tumour inside these glands, one has no other option but to go for a Pituitary Tumor Surgery. Let's check it out:

What is Pituitary Tumour?

Pituitary tumour can be called as a mass of cells, which grows over the said glands. All these tumours do not simply spread over human's skull and generally remains limited to the said gland or close to the brain tissue. These tumours are slow in growth and benign in nature, while the pituitary cancers are extremely rare. The former do not spread over the body hence there is no chance of getting tumours again once you remove the same with the help of pituitary tumour surgery.

Pituitary Tumor Surgery and Treatment Options

In order the treat Pituitary Tumors, you have both the option, which include the medication and surgery. However, the former one helps in blocking the excess amount of hormones secretion and at times even shrink to certain kinds of pituitary tumours. Let's check the surgical options as under:

  • Pituitary Tumors Surgery : In this surgery, the tumor is removed using the usual process, which is counted among the primary treatments for the pituitary tumors. However, the effectiveness of this surgery will depend upon the kind of tumour you have along with its location and type and size along with its growth over the nearby tissues. You can find the remaining of the normal pituitary gland getting damaged during the surgery. This can be easily treated with the help of replacing all the missing hormones using the pills or some other forms of hormone replacement.
  • Transphenoidal Endoscopic Tumor Removal: In this surgical procedure the Pituitary tumor is generally removed via the nasal cavity with the help of a microscope and endoscope based method, which do not need any kind of visible incisions. Traditionally, this technique is adopted with the external incision under the lip. In this procedure, you will hardly find any kind of brain being touched, which doesn't come along without any other neurological complications rather some scars. For small size tumor, the cure rates are reported to be 80 percent, however, with big size tumour, the removal of the entire tumour can be a challenging experience.
  • Radiation Therapy: In this procedure the radiation therapy using high energy rays are employed to destroy the pituitary tumors cells. This treatment option is generally considered when the said tumours still exist after having the surgery. Or the symptoms are not settled down with medications. This is even considered when surgery cannot be considered to treat the tumours.


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