Oral Surgeries ensure Oral Health


A healthy smile is an essential ingredient of a confident personality. However, the food contamination and unhealthy lifestyle that prevails today can hamper your image. It is necessary to protect the smile and the elements that make it essential. An oral surgeon can be your perfect partner to get back, develop or maintain your oral health.

Oral surgeons with the help of some very well designed surgeries solve different oral problems.

  1. Biting issues

Some people may suffer from the issues of a displaced jaw. A crooked jaw causes difficulty in chewing and taking a bite. This is mainly due to the disturbed symmetry of the face. This can cause severe pain and discomfort. A corrective jaw surgery redeems the functioning of the jaw and reduces the pain.

  1. Dental Implants

The mouth has multiple roles in the body. If any of the parts gets damaged, the functioning of mouth is hampered. Loss of bone or teeth is a common problem in old age and can be solved by grafting new bones to support the tissues. Installation of artificial dentures can help the patient perform the chewing activities efficiently. Use of bridges is another option to counter the problems.

  1. Tumor

Cyst, tumor and malignancies in the gums, lips, tongue or the jaw is treated by an oral surgeon by removing the tumor providing relief to the patient. The dental surgeons team up with oncologists to treat malignant tumors. Tumors after being operated need a follow-up chemotherapy sessions. To ensure full recovery of the mouth from the disease.

  1. Tooth RemovalPicture7

Patients have a common belief that a qualified dentist is capable of removing a tooth that is causing inconvenience. The importance of an oral surgeon in removing the wisdom tooth can not be ruled out. Some people have wisdom tooth on the upper side near the sinus. Patients suffering from sinuses are advised to go under the knife of an oral surgeon. The operation of tooth extraction performed by an expert oral surgeon reduces the complications.

  1. Replacement

A missing teeth from your visible fat teeth can create a huge dent in your image. The front teeth assist the tongue in speech and are integral to take a bite of food material. Reconstructive surgeries can bring back the charm in the lost smile. Reconstruction is done by the oral surgeon with respect to the part of the mouth that needs repair. It may be the connective tissues, skin repair, bone or gum replacements.

  1. Root Canal

A root canal is an endodontic surgery that may require the patient to take a number of appointments to cure the infection. An oral surgeon may require to drain the infection out of the gum, drain out the pulp causing the infection and bacterial infection to relieve the patient of the pain. Root canal includes removing of tissues, inserting the filling and covering the empty spaces that are created by the surgery.


  • Tumor surgeries can save a patient’s life. This directly impacts the overall health of the body.
  • The mouth forms the crucial part of the digestive system of the body. Sustaining the oral health impacts the proper functioning of the body organs.
  • Surgeries transform into oral health improvement and built up a healthy and confident smile. Thereby, enhancing the personality of the individual.
  • In elderly the oral surgeries can restore their ability to eat properly and enjoy the convenience.

Dental surgeries may require the use of anesthesia to operate a patient. Proper consultation with a dental expert is advised.

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